Brazil Has a New Business Media Champion: Bloomberg Línea takes the lead

Launched in 2021, the multiplatform surpassed established publishers in user numbers, leading the segment in the country, with 3,8M people visiting its sites, and a podcast among Brazil’s top 10 daily charts

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Bloomberg Línea aims to become a reference for the Latino world in Latin America and worldwide. Just 19 months after its launch, the Business and Finance content platform has quickly become the top-ranking destination for executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and other affluent audiences interested in learning what’s happening in Brazil and around the world. 

As per SimilarWeb, Bloomberg Línea has amassed 3.8 million users accessing its domains, compared to 1,97M and 1,03M from the established local players such as BrazilJournal and Neofeed, respectively, 653K from Pipeline Valor and 1.60M from Inteligencia Financeira, a publisher launched during the same period as Bloomberg Línea in 2021. Those publishers cater news to the country’s business audiences and can be grouped in the same category. 

SimilarWeb charts also demonstrate that Bloomberg Línea has received an average of 136,422 users per day over the last 28 days in March

Source: SimilarWeb, chart compares users access per site performance over the last 28 days in March, 2023)
Source: SimilarWeb, chart shows average daily metrics such as user visit duration, pages per visit and rejection (bounce rate) where Bloomberg Línea domains outperforms its peers in Brazil

Brazil has over 210M people and established media players who have been in the industry for years, as well as being Latin America’s number one economy and ranking under the top economies globally with a $1,8 trillion GDP.

As per Spotify charts, the brand is also leading the News audio segment, its podcast, Ouvi num Podcast, is one of the top podcasts in Brazil charts, reaching the 7th position among the country’s most listened to daily podcasts. With a dynamic format, the podcast provides audiences with the day’s need to know content. It is hosted by Ana Carolina Siedschlag, a former Bloomberg News and Forbes reporter. 

Brazil’s most listened to Podcasts, Source: Spotify
NYC, Times Square recognition for Ouvi num Podcast, celebrating 1M plays, Source: Nasdaq

Bloomberg Linea was founded in August 2021, and recently celebrated reaching the milestone of 400,000 digital subscribers. The brand aims to bring market and finance news closer to the Latino audience in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.