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Inspired by RD Station, Matchbox aims to accelerate recruitment marketing

After doubling in size in 2021, the startup seeks investment to accelerate the development of its corporate communication solutions

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Investments in Brazilian startups continue to break records and, as a result, professionals in areas related to technology remain among the most sought after — and difficult to hire. In this scenario, professionals have more power when looking for a new job. To deal with the competition, HR leaders began to adopt new tools in the hunt for the best names.

Matchbox‘s focus is to help in this process: the startup applies marketing tactics to the hiring process. The company has also recently expanded into the employee experience segment by announcing the acquisition of HR Bot.

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The startup purchased in November owns a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which provides answers to employees’ routine questions. Its chatbot technology should be integrated with Matchbox’s flagship software Spark.

Matchbox founder and CEO, Kleber Piedade, says that the solution is inspired by RD Station, a marketing automation company acquired by TOTVS in March, to create a better and more agile experience in the selection of employees. “We use the whole marketing funnel concept. Our platform, Spark, is the equivalent of the RD Station for recruiting. You attract the candidate, create and nurture the relationship with him, and qualify that ‘lead’ for that person to come and work at your company”, he explains.

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A survey by the CareerBuilder indicates that 60% of respondents give up on the selection process. At the same time, the number of users who use social networks in search of a new position is growing. To facilitate recruitment, the executive points out that the relationship is essential.

Companies are only as good as the people who work for them. Today, the main asset of organizations are professionals.

Kleber Piedade, CEO of Matchbox

Currently, the company helps clients such as Ambev, OLX, Natura, Vivo, and Via to have more flexibility in their hiring processes. With a team of 90 people, the company doubled in size and reached BRL 7 million in revenue in 2021.

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According to the founder of Matchbox, the startup‘s main differential lies in its concern with communicating with candidates — made through chatbots and personalized email marketing journeys. Thus, the company believes that it offers a more empathetic and engaging experience.

The strategies used today no longer work. If you ask a developer or top talent in the industry to log in to any platform and complete 40 minutes of tests, it won’t happen.

Kleber Piedade, CEO of Matchbox

To reach become a strategic partner to human resources teams, the HR Tech bets on a solution that plugs in other famous recruiter tools, such as Gupy and Kenoby. “While these solutions look more at the HR point of view, we address the pain of professionals and, through that, we can generate more value for the companies. They are complementary solutions, but we understand that Spark is the best platform to communicate with these talents”, says Piedade.

Looking for the next investors

Currently, the HR Tech is negotiating a check for BRL 8 million with investors and funds and intends to accelerate areas such as: product, marketing and sales.

“We arrived here with little money from investors and we are preparing the company for this exponential growth. It’s time to understand the priorities and how we accelerate this generation of value for our customers and, at the same time, the startup’s growth”, says the CEO of Matchbox.

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The round would intensify the startup’s marketing initiatives. According to Piedade, it is necessary to emphasize the strategic value that the tool brings to human resources professionals.

“I want the HR professional to look back five years from now and say: ‘I can’t believe that in 2021 I selected and related to talent in that way’. Our idea is to change the rules of the game in this market as we put the spotlight on the employee. It’s ambitious, but we believe it’s the future.”