LABS has listed some companies in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile that have job openings. Photo: Shutterstock

Some Latin American companies are hiring amidst the crisis

From startups, to tech and e-commerce companies, LABS listed some of the firms with job openings in the region

The economic crisis unfolded by the coronavirus pandemic has caused large and small companies to fire and rethink spending. In the largest Latin America‘s economy, unemployment grew by 10.8% in May. Between the first and second weeks of May, Brazil “gained” 1.05 million unemployed, according to data from an unprecedented survey by the Brazilian Institute of Geography (IBGE), named “Pnad Covid”.

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Young workers are likely to be the most affected by the crisis. The unemployment rate among this group is expected to rise from 27.7% in the first quarter to 38.8% in the third quarter, according to LCA consultancy. In other words, the firm stresses that there will be 7.9 million Brazilian between 14 and 25 years old looking for a job in the following quarter, compared to the current 5.5 million in this situation.

Not all sectors, however, will contribute to these numbers. Startups, tech, and e-commerce companies, in general, are among those that are hiring even in the midst of the new coronavirus crisis.

LABS has listed some of them in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile:


In Brazil, several startups and technology companies are hiring. Some of them (such as Claranet Brasil, Nubank, Banco Pan, and Mandic Cloud) have opportunities for remote work.

There are also companies looking for candidates among those recently dismissed by other startups and tech companies. This is the case of the multinational website hosting company HostGator, which has 45 open positions in Florianópolis, Southern Brazil. See some of the vacancies that LABS found in Brazil:

Sources: LinkedIn and the companies websites.


Mexican fintech Minu has job openings in Mexico City. What else in Mexico?:

Sources: LinkedIn and the companies websites.


As for the Latin America e-commerce giant MercadoLibre, vacancies are opened in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. The Argentinian fintech Ualá also is hiring and the Argentinian bitcoin. The digital payments startup Ripio has three jobs for Argentina and one in Uruguay. Here’s a list of opportunities in Argentina:

Sources: LinkedIn and the companies websites.


The Chilean-Mexican Cornershop has plenty of vacancies for Chile, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Peru, Brazil, and Canada. Muy, the cloud kitchen company based in Colombia, has 20 job openings, all in Bogotá. Here are some of the job opportunities in Colombia:

Sources: LinkedIn and the companies websites.


The Chilean startup SimpliRoute, focused on urban logistic solutions, for instance, has recently secured a $3 million deal and is hiring engineers and sales reps across Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. See some of the opportunities in Chile:

Sources: LinkedIn and the companies websites.