20+ Best Free Shopify Themes to use in 2018

Find out the best free Shopify website templates that you can use to build up your ecommerce store with minimal costs.

Are you looking for the best free Shopify themes to use on your online shop? Your online store’s design is the first impression your customers will get from you, so it’s important that you choose a template that is easy to navigate and is attractive to buyers.

Unfortunately, good and effective web design can be quite pricey. Yet, in this article, we will show you the best free Shopify website templates that you can use to build up your ecommerce store with minimal costs.

The Advantages of Free Shopify Themes

There is no need to wait until you can afford all the expenses of a web designer or fancy software if you’re a small business owner: Shopify is a great, budget-friendly alternative, and there is a great selection of free Shopify themes you can use to design your own online shop.

These ecommerce templates are already set up and ready to go so you don’t have to deal with extra costs or hassles. This could save you anywhere from USD 500 to USD 10,000 – if you have talked to service providers you already know this.

And these ready-to-use, free Shopify themes are also extremely easy to use: all you have to do is install, adjust the available design setting and add your products.

Another good thing about these themes is that, even though they are free, they were specifically designed for ecommerce stores, so they offer all the features a business owner might need, such as payment processing and a very powerful back-end, and an optimal shopping experience for buyers.

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Just like any physical store, an ecommerce shop should introduce the shopper to the kinds of products available and the level of customer experience they can expect when buying from you. Being able to construct a beautiful, modern and professional-looking website without having to pay for a customized design is a big plus.

Some of the free themes are older, but the majority of them have new features, such as drag and drop elements and sections, which provide full content modules, like products galleries and testimonials from buyers, and the ability to move them around on your homepage.

It’s also important to know that all of the Shopify themes, free and paid, are responsive for mobile shopping – and people are sure about buying from their mobile devices in 2018!

There is also the option of integrating different apps with your free Shopify templates. So if there’s a plugin you’d like to use, that can be done seamlessly and you can combine it nicely with each of the themes we will suggest below.

Pop – Bone


Shopify’s Pop – Bone theme is a free template with a simple design with a featured products section. While it’s geared towards pharmaceutical and skin care products, it can be used for different purposes if you are creative enough to play with the minimalist layout primarily filled with white space. It is one of the top picks for keeping your website’s content easily accessible and it is ideal for ecommerce stores with small to medium-size inventories.

This theme has a focus on your products. With its photo layouts and sidebar, Pop – Bone can accommodate a large variety of product images without creating a visual clutter and a messy navigation. One of its greatest features is the slide-out cart, which makes it possible for shoppers to add products to their cart without having to leave the current page they are browsing. This accessibility makes it less likely that customers will leave your due to confusion or frustration.

The homepage also features a slideshow, so you display special products or even a few brand images.

Pop – Toy

free Shopify themes

This design is very similar to Pop – Bone. They are both part of a collection of 2 Shopify themes based on the same template structure. This version, however, is the “kid friendly” design. It comes in soft colors and it has a nice features products section. In terms of web design, Pop – Toy is very simple, but also elegant.

Supply – Blue


Supply has a solid reputation on Shopify: its positive reviews date back to 2014, earlier than most themes – so you know it’s trustworthy.

Supply – Blue is simple and clean, with lots of white space and a single colored top menu. It is an ideal pick for ecommerces with more products and large catalogs to showcase, especially if you are selling electronic products. The layout targets Photography ecommerces, which is a niche known for always requiring extra parts, pieces and accessories.

The collection filtering in sidebar allows users to filter collections by brand, price and other customizable categories, which is ideal for anyone with a large inventory.

The homepage slideshow can be used to showcase multiple products and special sales, and the featured collections, also on the homepage, makes it possible to feature product collections by category.

Supply – Light

free Shopify themes

Supply – Light has a more traditional feel with its use of neutral shades, classic fonts and bordering for header images. This theme is ideal for larger fashion-related online stores with multiple products.

It has the same filtering tools as it’s sibling, Supply – Blue, and it comes with useful features to display multiple featured collections on your homepage, showcase multiple brand images in the slider and filtering products in a very user-friendly manner.

Narrative – Light


Narrative comes in three styles: Warm, Light and Cold. It is surprising that this Shopify theme is free, because it offers such captivating product storytelling! Narrative – Light is an ideal pick if you want to walk your customer through your brand or product’s story. Its wide views and large image blocks put focus on storytelling, so it’s better to use it if you have a small inventory or a single service.

The Hero Video is an autoplay, fullscreen video at the top of your homepage that allows you to present your brand. The wide layout is perfect for large, high-resolution images. The vertical slideshow provides an experience that can be dramatic and inspirational at the same time. Fixed navigation is a plus: you can fix your menu, logo and cart at the top as your customers scroll through your beautifully crafted page.

Minimal – Modern

free Shopify themes

Modern is the newest addition to the Minimal family, and it’s beautiful and elegant. This free Shopify theme allows that all eyes are on your product. It eliminates visual distractions and puts focus on what you’re selling. It is a true design achievement!

Besides having a homepage slideshow and product image zoom, Minimal offers a Related Product Display – which shows customers products from the same collection on a product’s page so they will keep on shopping. It also comes with product filtering, so if you have a larger catalog, this one might be for you.

Minimal – Fashion


Are you selling apparel online? Minimal – Fashion might be the right Shopify template for you! Besides all features present on the Minimal collection, it allows you to add a “Sale” icon to individual listings.

Minimal – Vintage

free Shopify themes

Minimal – Vintage is an excellent choice if you want to provide your customers with a beautiful experience on both desktop and mobile devices. It looks very similar to Minimal – Fashion, but the featured products are displayed more elegantly and it’s highly suitable if you’re selling art.

Venture – Boxing


This theme is another favorite of those selling high volumes of products. Venture – Boxing demo’s website features a store selling boxing gear, but this template can be used for any other type of ecommerce. One of its best features is the promotional bar: great for advertising special offers, such as coupons or free shipping.

Venture – Snowboards

free Shopify themes

Venture – Snowboards is a free Shopify theme features the same type of design as Venture – Boxing, and it is also ideal for those selling high volumes. Users will benefit from a wide range of color and font combinations.

Venture – Outdoors


Venture – Outdoors offers a very user-friendly product filtering feature. Its navigation menu is extremely advanced, with product details and images in a large, multi-column drop-down layout.

Brooklyn – Classic

free Shopify themes

If you’re showcasing contemporary apparel and accessories, Brooklyn – Classic is a great choice of theme. Its minimalist aesthetic has a very modern feel that suits everything that’s new. This template sheds a light on your brand image and it offers many opportunities for displaying product photos.

One very cool feature is the dynamic product grid: a layout of product images that changes automatically based on how many are displayed. You can also feature a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo on your homepage.

Brooklyn – Playful


Brooklyn – Playful is a fun and colorful alternative for those who want to sell in grand style. A big “Shop Now” button will take your customers directly to your catalog, where they’ll be able to browse by your items by categories. The typography is also beautiful!

Debut – Light

free Shopify themes

Debut – Light comes in a light and clean design, and it’s perfect for those selling furniture or related products. The “Trending” section of the template allows you to promote special products from your homepage. The zoom functionality works with simple mouse-hovering, which is a must if you’re selling big items!

Boundless – Black & White


If you want to feature high-resolution photography on your ecommerce, Boundless – Black and White is probably the Shopify theme you’ve been looking for. The clean and minimal layout does a great job putting focus on your products – no matter in which segment they fit.

Boundless – Vibrant

free Shopify themes

This theme is also focused on high-resolution photography, but it’s more colorful and playful than its monochromatic sibling. Boundless – Vibrant allows you to feature products in a simple slideshow on your homepage and to be assured that the menu will be fixed on top while shoppers scroll down!



Unlike the other Shopify themes we have listed here, Annabelle is available through a third-party developer. It doesn’t have a specific niche, but it seems very well suitable for apparel ecommerces. A fun thing about Annabelle is that you can add an Instagram gallery to get more followers and also showcare your beautifully crafted social feed! This theme is very interactive and offers many options, it is definitely worth exploring.

Simple – Beauty


Simple is a word that describes this template. The zoom-in option is really effective, and it is not present in all Shopify themes, which is a big plus for Simple – Beauty. The prices are also presented in a really nice and clear way.

Simple – Light


This clean and minimal theme comes with an accordion-style menu, which is ideal for larger shops. There are also great image animations with smooth transition effects. Simple – Light is another simple, yet effective template that can be used for your ecommerce.



Are you starting a crowdfunding campaign? Then Jumpstart may be the theme you’re desperately looking for! Among other things, this template also offers a widget that tracks your crowdfunding progress, such as money raised, number of backers and the percentage of the total funding you are trying to achieve. Jumpstart even allows you to add a video to your homepage, as well as all the normal functionalities of a Shopify store.