Best Practices for an Optimized Ecommerce Checkout Experience

Taking a good look at your ecommerce checkout process and making simple changes in the layout can significantly lower shopping cart abandonment rate and increase your overall conversion rates. The question is: what types of improvements should you make?User Experience is the holy grail of ecommerce and it’s all in the details. In this post, learn 6 best practices for optimizing checkout UX.

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Best Practices for Improving User Experience at Checkout

#1 Reduce the Number of Fields on the Checkout Form

Keep your forms as short as possible and only ask for the information that you really need from your customer. If you think it’s unlikely they will have more than one address, only provide them with one line. Similarly, if you don’t need to know your customer’s birthday, leave that field out of the checkout process.

Optimized Ecommerce Checkout Experience

#2 Create a Logical Checkout Flow

Order the appearance of each information section in the most logical order. For example, first name naturally comes before last name, street address before city, credit card number before expiration date, etc.

Optimized Ecommerce Checkout Experience

#3 Present Payment Methods Clearly


Images of card brands that are clearly displayed will answer your customer’s question “Can I use my favorite card?” It’s always better to let them know upfront than to risk the possibility of them being disappointed and leaving your site.

#4 Offer A Variety of Payment Methods

Besides credit cards, many ecommerce consumers enjoy paying in cash, online debit, and other local payment methods from their region of the world. Delight these buyers by offering just what they need or prefer to use.

Optimized Ecommerce Checkout Experience

Offer local payment methods today.

#5 Certify Your Checkout Page

SSL-Certification assures customers that you will keep their card data information safe and significantly increases your conversion rates.

Optimized Ecommerce Checkout Experience

#6 Give the Option to Save Credit Card Information

Facilitate the checkout experience for your customers, not only now but for the next time they decide to visit your site. Before they complete the purchase, ask if they want to add more information or save what they have for future purchases.

The most often ignored page on ecommerce websites is the checkout page. Most merchants believe that once the customer gets to checkout all the hard work is done, until they realize they have a high shopping cart abandonment rate. Not only reduce shopping cart abandonment rate, but increase your overall sales by implementing these best practices.

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