How Instagram Shoppable Posts can change the way you sell online

In a world where social commerce has become a thing Instagram Shopping just came true. Have you noticed the fresh tool ingenious workings?

It is not news that Instagram has been gaining space as a key marketing tool for business worldwide – social commerce is now a reality. Insta’s latest feature is shoppable posts – have you noticed the tiny shopping bag icon in some brands’ posts?

The visually driven platform enables the showcasing of products to both customers and prospects in a casual manner. Similarly to the account tagging feature incorporated by Instagram long ago, this tool allows you to tag a product – or many – in a picture and redirects the users to make a purchase within the app.

In this article, we will see how you can implement this new Instagram feature in your ecommerce venture to maximize your sales.

If you don’t really understand it and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here we have tried to clarify the feature’s ways – how it works, who can get it and where it is available as well as set some guidelines for you.

What’s new

The new feature was developed in partnership with Shopify, a multi-channel commerce platform that has been working successfully with Facebook for a while – Instagram is a Facebook-owned app. The test phase was restricted to the United States, but as of last March it has become available for eight new countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The tool works in integration with Facebook and can be used by Instagram Business’ accounts linked to Facebook pages that have a catalog of products indexed. The tagging process works a lot like the account tagging – you place the tag on the desired product and it allows you to select the product from the account’s Facebook catalog.

When a customer clicks the product tag they are redirected to a page within the app with more info in which a “shop now” icon appears. The final purchase happens outside of Instagram but the customer goes right into the checkout section.

Benefits from implementing Instagram shoppable posts

Instagram’s reach is unbelievable

With more than 800 million users of the social network, exploring this universe with users that routinely access the app can be a very positive experience for your venture. This rings particularly true to brands with established fans that can easily purchase the desirable products they might come across with shoppable posts.

Offers customers a visual experience

Instagram being a largely visual social network allows for a great display of your company’s products. Being visually attractive is key as it will account for the performance of your posts and will either drive or kill sales. Are you doing your best regarding customer conversion?

Provides a great user experience

User experience is greatly valued within this tool which was designed to cater to convenience when shopping online. Instagram is accessed mostly through mobile devices and thus usability is more than necessary to convert prospects into customers (

Is mobile-first

Unlike some other marketing strategies Instagram’s shoppable posts are mobile-first which means it is a tool primarily oriented to mobile users and it primes on occasion and convenience. Instagram displays attractive and oriented posts (hey Instagram algorithm) and products to the wide network.

Creates customer trust

Providing further info – besides great pictures- on the products through the feature is very helpful to assure the customers and enable a purchase. Details on price, dimensions, colors, materials and other important product details is key for closing an online deal. Being up-front regarding price particularly is a great strategy to avoid abandoned shopping carts for instance.

Optimizes conversions

By not leaving the app and only being redirected out of Instagram when actually checking out, users can jump right back to where they left off on their feed, which is greatly convenient and if anything encouraging to following the tag and shopping now.

No cost

Shoppable posts are free. For now Instagram is not charging for this feature from either end, so make sure you go ahead and use what is available through the world wide web.

Being ready to use the tool

First of all to implement the new feature you need to be ready for the Facebook-Instagram integration.

Turn your Instagram into a Business page

If you haven’t already, set up your account and link it to your corresponding Facebook page. This is useful not only for enabling the shoppable feature but also to analyze and get to know your audience.

Develop a Facebook catalog

The Facebook catalog requires info such as price, product name and a link to your website, in addition to pictures of your products to be included individually. To enable the feature it is necessary that you sell physical products (not services) and to select a particular category, for instance apparel and accessories, health and beauty, food and beverages, electronics, toys, books, etc.

This link can be helpful to make the appropriate connection between the services.

Setting up the tags

Once you have integrated Facebook and Instagram you are ready to go. Start tagging your products: Instagram allows up to 5 tags in each individual post or 20 tags in multi-picture posts. The in-app purchase feature is sure to boost sales as the tester brands have already shown.


We hope that these guidelines can assist you in implementing the Instagram Shoppable Posts feature to raise your sales and make your business thrive. As Instagram has stated the goal is “going from inspiration to information to purchase in just a few steps”. Being competitive and up to date with the latest features is essential to any enterprise, particularly regarding strategies that show both promise and already some positive outcomes from the first companies that tried it! Don’t lag behind, go ahead and take over social networks with your business.