How to Optimize your Ecommerce Store's Mobile App

Nowadays, you just cannot have a successful e-commerce store without a mobile strategy. And, selling more on mobile depends on two factors: a responsive website and the development of a mobile application.


With an exclusive app, your virtual store can be available to the customer anytime, anywhere.

In only a few clicks, they can access the platform on their mobile phone, click on a product and make a purchase, without having to access other sites or tools.

An app of your own also allows you to:

  • Collect behavioral data from the consumers who have installed it. This way, you can get to know your audience better and understand exactly what they are looking for;
  • Send customers notifications about promotions, changes in the order’s status and delivery confirmation in real time;
  • Encourage users to share the shopping experience in social networks, which can bring visibility to your brand and increase sales;
  • Reach international customers through geomarketing.

Optimizing Your Own App

Implement a wish list

As Google says, to help your consumers’ shopping journey, you need to help them dream, plan, buy, enjoy, and share the experience.

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And there is nothing better to help you dream and plan than to offer the wish list functionality. Consumers do not always have the money to buy what they want at the moment they find it, but you can make that dream last longer by letting them record that desire.

With so many distractions, the consumer may end up forgetting about your product. But a reminder that the wish list is there, with such and such products, can rekindle the desire and get your customer to purchase later.

Use micro-moments

Nowadays, when a need arises, the consumer soon turns to their smartphone to find ways to fulfil their need. This short period of time between desiring and obtaining what is desired is called micro-moment or micro-momentum.

To avoid your customers’ will to buy from draining out before you completing the purchase, you need to be agile. So, if you want to increase mobile sales, implement one-click checkout.

It works like this, at the time of first purchase, if the customers allows, your payment processing partner will store your consumer credit card data, which is encrypted, according to PCI compliance standards for ecommerce and the next time they decide to buy from you, they won’t need to enter their data again, just hit the buy button and confirm the payment.

Use customized, geolocation-based offers

If the user gives your application location permission, the app can send personalized discount coupons to each user, based on the region in which they are located. This way, you can spread the word about products that are overstocked and at the same time improve the buying experience of your customers, increasing engagement and sales.

Invest in mobile marketing

To increase mobile sales, you need to let people know that your app exists and what it does. That is, you need focused digital marketing strategies for the mobile environment.


You can opt for targeted ads on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, for example. On Facebook, you can insert an action button in your ad so that users can download your app right away.

Another possibility is to use SMS or e-mail marketing to inform your customers about your application and send them a link so they can download it directly on their mobile device.

Create loyalty clubs

Consumers spend more time connected to their smartphone than to a computer or tablet. That means there are more chances to relate to your audience by joining this platform.

One of the ways to boost loyalty and increase mobile sales is to invest in a loyalty marketing strategy targeting mobile shoppers. Offer your customer discounts, advantages, access to exclusive content and gifts, creating a stronger relationship with them. 

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