Mexico, The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Market in Latin America

Mexico is the second largest ecommerce market in Latin America, following Brazil.

In fact, a Forrester Research study shows that the Mexican emarket is expected to expand by 150% between 2013-2018 from $2.2 billion to $5.5 billion USD. This immense growth is largely a result of the increased rate of internet use and penetration in Mexico. According to AMIPCI e IAB Mexico, on average, Mexicans spend 7 hours and 14 minutes a day using the internet–that’s 1 hour and 3 minutes longer than last year. Not only are Mexican internet users increasingly exposed to international goods but ownership of multiple internet accessible devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones is becoming the norm. This rate of exposure and usage will continue to support the growth of ecommerce throughout Mexico.

In other words, the near future of the Mexican emarket is prosperous. But undoubtedly the current Mexican emarket is thriving and worth expanding toward. Early investment will assure a more dominant place in the market and create a seasoned experience in dealing with the unique payment systems existing in the country. Within the first trimester of 2015, 75% of Mexican internet users made an online purchase. Over 50% of Mexican internet users make international purchases online, predominately on US websites.

Walmart and Amazon arrive in Mexico

International forerunners, like Walmart and Amazon, have already targeted the market south of the border and successfully opened their doors online. Amazon now offers Kindle devices, ebooks, and a variety of other physical goods to Mexican buyers. Walmart is a dominant player in international online sales in Mexico. Unlike in the US,

Walmart appeals to a wealthier clientele in Mexico than the working class due to services like same day delivery. However, if online shoppers in Mexico follow the shopping trends of the millions of online buyers in Brazil, Mexicans of varying socioeconomic status will grow eager to find the best online deals for the products that fit their needs–from anywhere in the world.

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