MIT & EBANX Partnership

In January of 2016, four MBA candidates from MIT spent three weeks at EBANX HQ to conclude an extensive project they had been working on in relation to the company. It was a remarkable experience for ebankers and the candidates alike. Here’s what Antony Mirie from Kenya, Astha Purohit from India, Nick Baladis from Greece and Ousama Elghazzi from Lebanon have to say about their stay now that they are back in Boston.

“Through MIT Sloan’s Global Entrepreneurship Lab, a lab focused on embedding student teams with entrepreneurs across the world, we worked with EBANX on enhancing the value of the EBANX Dollar Card (EDC), a shopping e-wallet/virtual card offered by the firm.

Based in Curitiba, Brazil, EBANX is a market leader in processing e-commerce cross-border payments for Brazilians. Part of the Endeavor high-impact entrepreneur community, EBANX is growing rapidly and has processed payments for over 11 million Brazilians. While we did expect to have a rich experience, we did not expect we would have the time of our lives being “ebankers”.

A huge space, with two levels of offices covered in glass overlooking an open area with couches, a large screen, and the occasional scooter ride, hosts young, talented, and passionate employees called ebankers in downtown Curitiba, Parana. A collaborative environment, evident through an open CEO’s desk, to a writing board in the kitchen that solicits suggestions from all ebankers on merchants to pursue, made this such a productive learning and working experience — hopefully highlighted in our recommendations.

The ebankers’ allowed us unbridled access to their time, both at work and otherwise, and facilitated a very informed introduction to the Brazilian market, and the company therefore properly applied our work regarding the EBANX Dollar Card. Additionally, it facilitated an incredible introduction to the Brazilian culture, people, food, and music — which included an incredible Brazilian churrasco at our Project Manager’s home, various trips to pre-carnaval parties, dinners and shows around town, and finally a trip to Ilha do Mel.

We are very thankful for the experience, and optimistic about EBANX’s future and look forward to keeping up with the company and ebankers. #tamojunto”

Antony wrote the text on behalf of his colleagues.

They also recorded a video for us, check it out:

EBANX is very thankful and glad to have had the opportunity to work with Antony, Astha, Nick and Ousama #tamojunto