The Roadmap to Succeed in Latin America Revealed at EBANX Summit 18'

Fraud prevention, chargebacks and marketing improvements were some of the topics addressed in the workshops at EBANX Summit 18'.

A deep dive into the complex scenario of Latin America. That was the main purpose of the second edition of EBANX Summit, a two-day event that gathered some of the most relevant specialists from different areas to talk about LatAm.

Every element of the summit was created by our team to provide a true immersion into the Latin American landscape. From keynotes with major personalities, exposition hall, video tours, to thematic happy hours with lots of samba, tango, and mariachi, the event allowed the over 200 participants to further understand and discover alluring facts about doing business in Latin America.

More than that, the occasion brought up the opportunity for our guests to improve their businesses in several aspects, as some of the delegates, along with EBANX specialists, divided into workshop masterclasses and panel discussions that covered key topics that are essential for succeeding in the region.

If you couldn’t attend the event but can’t help but wondering what was thought in each masterclass, here is a recap of all the workshops and panels that were ministered during EBANX Summit 18′.

Panel discussions

Fraud Prevention

The discussion around Fraud Prevention was hosted by Susan Pastega, global head of risk & compliance at EBANX, and included Daniel Marchetti, director of fraud prevention at Mastercard, and Tom Canabarro, co-founder of Konduto.

Many strategies for fraud prevention in Latin America were presented, featuring how machine learning works in such cases.

Ecommerce Payments in Mexico

The word for the second panel of the summit was acquiring. With the mediation of Raul Cordero, institutional relations Mexico at EBANX, we had Javier Ayala Ramirez, ecommerce director at the Mexican bank BBVA Bancomer, and Yoliztli Gutiérrez, founding partner of Y&G Consultores, talking about the main concerns that global companies have about acquiring in Mexico.


Cash is King in Mexico: Let’s Talk About OXXO

Following the panel discussion on acquiring in Mexico, the attendees could take part in a workshop also ministered by Raul Cordero, where they got to know all the details about Mexican’s popular cash payment method, OXXO.

Cordero talked about the financial inclusion in the country, debit card usage and explained what makes OXXO such an important payment method and how EBANX optimizes it for both merchants and consumers.

If you want to know more about payments in Mexico, this post is for you.

Boleto In the Digital Era: Why and to Whom

Talking about cash/voucher payment methods, it’s obvious that boleto bancário couldn’t be left out. Our business analyst Manuela Pereira shared some internal data and talked about the usage of the most popular cash payment method in Brazil, as well as what EBANX is doing to improve the experience of its own product, the EBANX Boleto. We also got to catch a glimpse of what is coming next, the EBANX Boleto 2.0.

Got curious? Here is a detailed overview, written by Pereira herself.

What The Shoppers, the Greatest Brazilian Shopping Community, Has Learned About Shopping Behavior in the Country

Brazilians love to shop online and researches show that they are likely to search (a lot!) for information about the products and services before actually buying them. To build trust among Brazilians, EBANX came up with The Shoppers, a shopping community focused on EBANX merchants’ products. Mylena Gama, marketing coordinator at EBANX and founder of The Shoppers, talked about C2C influence in Brazil, presented the editorial guidelines and metrics of The Shoppers, and discussed other topics related to the behavior of the Brazilian consumer.

The Dos and Don’ts in UX When Selling to LatAm Customers

User experience is one of the most valued factors here at EBANX and in ecommerce it isn’t different. Seeking to share all of our knowledge and help businesses thrive in LatAm by offering the best UX possible, Gabriela Rodrigues and Daniel Nagahata, marketing and customer experience analysts respectively, showed the attendees the importance of the UX for Latin Americans, which are the most special seasonal dates in the region, and the relevance of post-sale, all backed by some dos and don’ts cases.

Argentina: A Tour Into the Payments Scenario and Solutions With a Local

Despite the swirling economic currents, Argentina is still the third largest economy in Latin America, behind only Mexico and Brazil. Workshop speaker, Sebastian Fantini, product manager LatAm B2B at EBANX, reinforced why Argentina is propitious for business and gave advice on how to enter the Argentinian ecommerce market successfully. Payments landscape and EBANX cash and cards solutions in the country were also some of the topics addressed.

Chargeback Management: Everything You Want to Know

Chargebacks are always the worst thing for a merchant, and in order to avoid them, at first, you need to have an understanding of why do they happen. To talk about how chargebacks work in Latin America, Susan Pastega stepped into the scene again, presenting the life-cycle, reason codes, types, and reversal of chargebacks. Pastega also brought up the differences between the countries, talked about rates and programs, chargeback dispute, and new trends and mandates. 

CAC is less expensive in LatAm

The summit was an opportunity to show to world how advantageous Latin America can be. Our performance team Uelyn Oliveira and marketing coordinator Ronaldo Bittencourt  proved that when it comes to advertising, the story is no different. Through an exhaustive research comparing different markets, EBANX performance team could demonstrate that the Customer Acquisition Cost in LatAm is less expensive than in consolidated markets, such as the US, Canada, and Europe.

Oliveira tells you all about their research in this article.

Why do Brazil love installments?

As most of the global population pay for their purchases all at once, it is natural that international merchants don’t quite understand Brazilian’s passion for paying in installments. That’s why our business analysts Sarah Nicolau and Rafael Lazzarin had the mission to explain in detail how this habit started and why, presenting the attendees some success cases that validate our statements on the usage of installments.

Click here to read what was discussed during the workshop.

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