How Brazilians travel around the world: a comprehensive guide

The world famous custard tarts at Pastéis de Belém are just one of the many reasons why hundreds of thousands of Brazilians tourists have been visiting Lisbon every year.

In 2017 alone, they were 870,000. They also stop by Martinho da Arcada, the favorite afternoon tea spot of famous poet Fernando Pessoa; go see the beautiful Jerónimos Monastery, and spend some time at Bertrand, the world’s oldest bookshop. Lisbon is currently the number one international destination for Brazilian travelers, and it also draws a clear picture of what this particular group – that is now traveling more than ever – is looking for when they go outside of the country for some well-deserved leisure time.

Brazilians work hard, but also love to travel and they have the time for it. Professionals in the country are entitled 30 calendar days of vacation per year, and on top of that, because it’s a nation with a heavy Catholic culture, there are a lot of public holidays to be observed – a total of 13 at a Federal level, and a couple of others at regional levels, that vary from town to town.

They sure know how to live: despite current economic setbacks and the turbulent political scenario in the country, its population refuses to give up their passion for exploring new places and absorbing different cultures (both inside and outside of the territory).

According to Braztoa, the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators, a total of 1.5 million Brazilians traveled abroad last year, compared to 1.2 million back in 2017. This represents a growth of 23.3% of international passengers in the country in the span of twelve months. 

The large internet penetration in the country is a factor to be taken into account. Brazilians have increasingly incorporated the habit of making online purchases, which has spiked online travel sales. Metasearch companies like Kayak, Trivago and TripAdvisor, are making it easier to travel on a budget and plan ahead.

Smartphone usage is indispensable during all steps – people use it when looking for inspiration on where to travel, when they are researching on where to go, when booking flights and accommodation and also during the trip. Numbers from 2017 show that online travel sales to Brazilian residents reached BRL 30.9 billion (approximately USD 8,044 billion).

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In this article, we are going to show you how Brazilians behave when they are traveling abroad – the most popular destinations, the experiences they are looking for, and how they spend their time and money according to where they go. This is valuable information for Online Travel Agencies who are interested in expanding their businesses towards a group that takes, on average, 5 trips a year with an average duration of 11 days.

Top 10 international destinations for Brazilian tourists

These are the 10 most popular international destinations among Brazilian travelers as of 2018. Here are some of the reasons why:


Portugal and Brazil are deeply connected through history and language, so it’s not a surprise that Lisbon is the favorite international destination for Brazilian tourists. They go there for the food, the wine, the sights, the people and the history—and are never disappointed.


Miami’s large Latino population is one of the reasons why the city is so popular among Brazilians. Its beaches and bubbling cultural atmosphere attract a wide range of tourists, but one of the preferred activities by Brazilians visiting the city is the opportunity to shop for products that are either cheaper in the United States compared to Brazil or simply unavailable there. Outlet malls are very popular.


It’s difficult to find a Brazilian person who isn’t a Disney fan, making a visit to Walt Disney World a childhood dream for many. And since Universal and other theme parks have also found a home in the area, it’s a place where Brazilian tourists like to spend some time. The city also offers very good shopping opportunities.

New York City

As seen in the movies, the city that never sleeps attracts crowds of all sorts. New York has much to offer to different types of tourists, but first-time travelers visiting from Brazil will certainly like to go sightseeing, shopping for themselves, for family and friends, visiting museums and, of course, eat well. 

Buenos Aires

Brazil and Argentina are friendly rivals, so there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding the country’s capital. Buenos Aires has a rich history that many Brazilians feel close to, colorful historical neighborhoods, impressive buildings, and amazing food and wine. Football fans especially like seeing the local stadiums and the museums dedicated to the city’s teams. 


A lot of Brazilians choose to go to Santiago during the Winter (from June to August) because it’s an inexpensive way to experience snow for the first time. Winter activities can be very popular, given that most regions of Brazil are warm year-round. Chilean wine is a hit among South American, so vineyard tours are extremely popular.


For many Brazilians, Paris will be the first opportunity they get to experience world-famous works of art they only dreamed of seeing in real life. You will find many Portuguese speakers lining-up in front of museums and centuries-old buildings, where a lot of history happened. There is a lot of outdoor sightseeing too, so tours are very popular. Shopping in Paris and Europe, in general, is only for the wealthier Brazilian tourists.


Rome is another city that attracts lovers of history and art. The most sought out activities are similar to the ones in Paris, but the food in Italy is a special attraction itself. One thing that’s important to know here is that Brazil has an enormous population of Italian descendants, so even those who don’t have Italy in their bloodline do feel a special connection with the country.  Brazilians will definitely be looking for the best places to eat pizza, pasta, and gelato.


Madrid is a relatively affordable city to visit in Europe, so shopping there is more attractive than in other major European cities. It has a lively nightlife, which attracts many young Brazilians, and good weather year round. 


The world’s most famous monarchy draws much curiosity and Brazilians will rush to see the most famous royalty-related spots. The city offers a lot of outdoor activities and sightseeing, Brazilians really want to get a glimpse of London, which is a beautiful city by itself. Its museums are known for their world-class collections, and also for not charging for entry. Pub-crawls are very popular among the younger crowds, and that applies to most cities, but especially to London.

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Why Brazilians love US: The sweet spot of entertainment attractions

Brazilians love the United States. There’s a deep sense of connection that came from mass media products such as movies, TV shows and music. In this topic we will take a closer look at the American cities they visit the most and how they spend their time and budget in those places:


The number of Brazilian tourists in Orlando is constantly on the rise. According to Leo Salazar, Public Relations of Visit Orlando – the city’s official tourism association – as many as 826 thousand visited the city in 2017, 16% more compared to the previous year.

Brazilian visitors represent the fourth largest most representative group flocking to the city’s parks and attractions. The association credits Orlando’s renowned theme parks, but also their efforts in marketing, to that huge success. Brazilian’s favorite way of transportation in Orlando are rented cars. Since Brazilian tourists with valid drivers’ licenses can drive in the United States for the duration of their visas, the process is fairly simple.

The most popular attractions are Walt Disney World‘s seven parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure – both owned by Universal, water parks like Disney’s Blizzard Beachers, Legoland Water Park, and Busch Gardens. The last one is located in Tampa, an hour’s drive away from Orlando.

Another popular activity is shopping for electronics, clothes, and accessories. Orlando Premium Outlets and Shopping Florida Mall Orlando attract crowds of Brazilians looking for the latest news and discounts. At night, you can find them at Icebar Orlando, the world’s biggest ice bar, or Universal City Walk Orlando. It’s a fun city!


It’s clear that Florida loves Brazilians, and the feeling is mutual. The South Americans are among the top 3 nationalities in the ranking of international visitors to the state. The other leading groups are Canadians and the British.

Most popular itineraries include Miami Beach, Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road and South Pointe. That way, tourists can experience the most popular beaches at day and enjoy the city’s bubbling nightlife after the sun goes down.

Those traveling with kids, which are many, usually stop by the Science Museum and Jungle Island. Art lovers won’t miss the chance to see the Vizcaya or the Perez museums. Wynwood Walls shows a completely different side of the city and Brazilians will most definitely Instagram their photos on the colorful graffiti-covered walls.

Boat rides that take visitors to see impressive houses of famous people, including Brazilian popstar Xuxa are a hit. Little Havana draws a lot of curiosity, a taste of Cuban food and amazing Mojitos. And last, but not least, shopping: the Miami Design District attracts wealthier buyers looking for designer goods. Sawgrass Mills Malls, Florida’s biggest outlet mall, is a place Brazilians will not miss. Sometimes they will need more than one day to explore the whole place and will be sure to find the time to do so.

New York City

Numbers from 2017 show that the Brazilian market consolidated itself as the third largest consumer in New York City, with average expenses of USD 2,048 per person. Staten Island, a mostly residential area, has been rapidly changing and receiving a lot of tourists attracted by places like the Empire Outlet, a new shopping center.

Queens brings together a lot of diversity, Midtown Manhattan has been revitalized. The city has never been safer. First timers will rush to see Times Square and other places they have seen on TV. The Natural History Museum is high on the priority list, followed by MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum.

Brazilians will not miss the chance to have a fun time in Madame Tussauds, either. Sunsets at Top of the Rock are considered a precious experience, as are trips to Magnolia Bakery. And let’s not forget… the Apple Store on 5th Avenue – the architecture is impressive and the products make the eyes of Brazilian consumers shine!

How to target international Brazilian travelers

Brazilian travelers prioritize experiences, they want to feel a connection to the places they are visiting, and this is true for both luxury and budget travelers. It is wise to promote a longer length-of-stay itinerary while providing relevant deals to make the decision even easier.

According to Expedia‘s Latin American Travel and Tourism Trend reports, 6 out of 10 travelers in the region are undecided on a destination when they decide to take a trip, which gives merchants a wide opportunity to influence their potential customers through effective advertising and relevant content. 

Travelers seek inspiration from a variety of sources, so it is wise to create a multi-platform strategy to reach people throughout the purchase journey. The study also highlights that more than half of travelers are using OTAs in their trip planning and trip booking processes—they are especially influential when it comes for looking for deals and information before making a decision. The same goes for ads. 

And as for the actual trip, Brazilians mostly travel for some relaxing, but they also like to do sightseeing and visiting family members. Airplanes are the preferred method of transportation, while hotels are the types of accommodation that suits them best. Most of the budget goes into those, and also food. Transportation accounts for roughly 10% of spending. 

Are you ready for taking Brazilians around the world?