São Paulo, a City so Kinetic

A city not for the fainthearted, São Paulo is a bustling metropolis that attracts the business elite

Imagine a sprawling avenue with eight lanes and bicycle path to split both directions of traffic—the scene reflected on the windows of skyscrapers and the sunglasses of people briskly walking on the sidewalks. You can literally feel the energy of the city, pulsing as the subway trains come and go beneath the surface. This is the Paulista Avenue, the axis of one of the most kinetic and disruptive cities in Brazil and Latin America. Along its edges, business opportunities ignite. Not surprisingly, it is the home of the Group of Business Leaders of Brazil (LIDE) and Startup Brazil.

Paulista Avenue in São Paulo

Approximately 5,644 skyscrapers extend through São Paulo, according to Emporis. Looking out from the rooftop of the Edifício Itália, visitors are often shocked to see the urban spread of the city blur into the horizon. Buildings prop up against the sky in all directions. It is a vertical city that feels limitless—and that vertigo of not knowing where the city ends can be exhilarating.

With 77 shopping malls, São Paulo has all types of stores to attract the most vanguard of tastes. The Galeria do Rock is one of these malls, exclusively dedicated to the music industry. It features specialty stores, as well as a diverse range of cultural events. Another emblem of the city is its giant bookstore, Livraria Cultura. Writers and readers alike meet in its corridors, strolling up and down more than 4,300 square meters and three floors of space filled with books. It is a bustling city with opportunities at every corner. 

São Paulo is not only about shopping. It is also a place where so many things are happening, all the time:

“In fact, more than 90,000 events are organized in the São Paulo city per year, including one of the world’s most important Auto Show,” according to Forbes journalist Ricardo Geromel.

The list of events is impressive: the São Paulo International Motor Show, the world’s largest Gay Parade, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Interlagos, the São Paulo Bienal, and the national comic convention CCXP are just a sample of important events that distinguish this Brazilian metropolis.

Masp in São Paulo
Art Museum in São Paulo

The International Motor Show is a thrilling event, much more than just a bunch of shiny cars under one roof. Like all things Brazilian, events are always celebrations.

“It’s the extraordinarily festive mood that makes the São Paulo International Motor Show so distinctive. A sense of excitement and energy is pervasive—far more palpable than at other auto shows in major cities around the world,” explains Mathew de Paula from Forbes.

And if seeing brand new cars parked in spotless galleries with beautiful music playing is not enough to get your adrenaline rushing, there is the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which takes place in Interlagos every year. Revving engines and spinning wheels transform all that Sao Paulo energy into a kinetic spectacle, a symbol of the city at its most raw.

It is truly a sight to be seen, as is this place—a city that constantly disrupts our preconceived notions of Latin America.