Bloomberg Linea Reaches 400,000 Digital Subscribers and 30 Million Users Consuming its Content in Only 19 Months

The multiplatform joined the Nasdaq bell-ringing ceremony to celebrate the milestones

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On March 15th, Bloomberg Línea, the leading multi platform for business and finance news, celebrated reaching the milestone of 400,000 digital subscribers on its sites. The brand also commemorated its content reaching 30 million people in 18 countries where it has a presence. Founded in 2021 by Leon Falic and Kaio Philipe, in partnership with Bloomberg Media, it provides Spanish, Portuguese, and English content with audiences concentrated in the Americas and around the globe. 

Time Square, celebrating 30 million users per month and 400,000 subscribers
Time Square, celebrating 30 million users per month and 400,000 subscribers

The company was invited to join the bell-ringing ceremony, which marks Wall Street’s official market opening at the Nasdaq Market site in New York City. Kaio Philipe, its co-founder and COO, assisted the event, representing Bloomberg Linea.

Kaio Photo ringing the bell
Kaio Philipe during the bell-ringing ceremony at Nasdaq (source Nasdaq)

Among the milestones, the company’s Podcasts were also highlighted on Time Square screens – its audio content franchise recently became the most listened-to Spanish-speaking Business News podcast in the Americas. According to daily charts from audio streaming platforms – Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. The podcasts have surpassed 4,7 million downloads in one year, figuring at number 1 in daily charts in multiple countries.

In today’s fast-paced world, companies are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to capture the attention of their audiences. Being featured in Time Square can be a significant accomplishment for any business. It can be a testament to entrepreneurs’ hard work, innovation, and dedication to building emerging brands. In Bloomberg Línea’s case, only 19 months after its launch, Time Square’s recognition cemented its hyper-growth and path for perpetuity, with emerging audiences creating a daily consuming habit of its products. According to SimmilarWeb data, more than 40% of its domains’ traffic is sourced from Direct traffic, as in users who daily access its platform to get informed with the latest content, demonstrating a growing loyal consumer base. User demographics also show that the brand is succeeding in connecting with GenZs and Millennials, with nearly 60% of its audience coming from these demographics.

Despite challenges from many media companies and startups amidst economic headwinds, Bloomberg Línea has been able to maintain its sustainable growth. According to industry insiders, the company’s success can be attributed to several factors, including its ability to create highly shareable content, time-to-market to execute and adapt to the changing media landscape, new revenue streams, scalability, and the development of a solid brand identity touching emerging and affluent consumers, while still connecting to mature audiences. The company doesn’t disclose revenue numbers. However, as per industry insiders, it has partnered with credit card companies such as Visa, the largest banks in the Americas, crypto exchanges, and luxury brands, with over 80 advertisers in less than 2 years, demonstrating an assertive commercial success. Its revenue comes from branded content solutions, traditional and newer digital advertising formats, events, and Subscriptions. 

Very few companies out there have the same consumer diffusion as Bloomberg Línea is experiencing, connecting with millions of users monthly across multiple markets. Scalability and execution seem to be their key differentiator in this case.

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