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Brazil is the second-largest consumer market of Twitch, shows Comscore

Brazilians spend an average of 6:37 hours a month on Amazon's streaming app, ahead of Chinese and Indian users, and only behind the U.S.

A new analysis by Comscore based on data collected in March this year shows that Brazil is the largest consumer market of Twitch worldwide after the United States.

Brazilians spend an average of 6:37 hours a month on Amazon‘s streaming app. In general, the country is the only one in Latin America among the top 5 in the ranking of the countries where gamers spend more time online, with 9:56 hours, according to the report, only behind the United States (19:58), United Kingdom (13:17), Canada (12:16) and Spain (11:06).

According to Comscore, Brazil has about 120 million digital population, and 66.6 million use exclusively mobile devices (smartphones mostly).

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Twitch is considered the largest gaming streaming platform in the world. In the midst of the pandemic, between March and April, Twitch had a tremendous growth in the number of hours watched: 50%, 101% compared to April last year, to 1.645 billion hours watched per month, according to data from StreamElements and

And who watches Twitch in Brazil? The youngest audience: 44% of users are 15 up to 24 years old, and use 28% more the desktop to consume the platform than the mobile devices. Furthermore, Twitch’s audience in Brazil is 84% male, but this doesn’t tell the whole story.

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According to Comscore, the female audience account for 49% of the gamers in Brazil, spending 35% more time on average on online gaming, while men are the ones who most seek information about games, with 89% more time spent on average per visitor.

Amazon’s app, in its turn, has a wide reach in the female audience, performing among the top 5 game companies most accessed by women users in the country. In addition to that, according to Comscore data, among those who spend more time online, men and women over 45 and 35 years old, respectively, are ahead of the youngest.

When it comes to income profile, the majority of gamers in Brazil belong to AB (46%) and C (43%) classes, according to Comscore. About a quarter of the country’s gamers declare to be the first ones to acquire new electronic equipment, which, according to the survey, shows a strong impulse for consumption among Brazil’s users.

Comscore sets Brazil as a potential market for the gaming industry, as gamers, including the casual ones, account for 70% of the Brazilian digitized population (120 million).

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Of course, social distancing measures to prevent COVID-19 in the region also had an impact on the sector: Latin American gaming market is expected to grow 10.3% this year over 2019, generating $6 billion in revenue, according to the research firm Newzoo.

Among the mobile apps, 8 Ball Pool, Candy Crush, Quize, and Pokemon Go are in the TOP 5 games played in the country. The survey notices that some apps have predominantly male participation, such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royales, while Garden Scapes and Candy Crush are mostly played by the female audience. The survey’s assessment is based on the average number of hours spent per user in March.

Source: Comscore.