Théo Orosco e Felipe Roman, co-founders of the Brazilian startup Exact Sales.
Théo Orosco e Felipe Roman, co-founders of the Brazilian startup Exact Sales. Photo: Exact Sales/Courtesy

The Brazilian startup that uses public big data and machine learning to improve pre-sales tools

Partner of giants such as SAP, Exact Sales has received a $ 3 million investment and plans to double in size by 2020

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Since its beginning in 2015, the revenue of the Brazilian startup focused on pre-sales Exact Sales has been multiplied by ten and should reach BRL 13 million (over $ 3 million) this year. With the BRL 15 million ($ 3,5 million) investment received in October, led by the venture capital fund Astella, the 200-employee company wants to double in size by 2020 and improve its main platform, the segmentation and qualification software for potential customers Exact Spotter.

For this, Exact has announced the acquisition of the Brazilian startup Resultys, specialized on big data analysis and formation of public financial databases. Resultys has been a partner of Exact Sales since 2017 and, according to the startup, its database, which gathers information from 20 million companies in Brazil such as number of employees and estimated revenue, is already integrated with Exact Spotter.

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The data collected by Resultys comes from social media publications and opt-in information made available by Brazil’s department of federal revenue. In addition to this new layer of information from Resultys, the tool has two others: one from data collected by Exact’s inbound marketing and sales partners, such as HubSpot, RD (Resultados Digitais) and LeadLovers; and other layer with information collected via interviews and direct contact with potential customers. 

“When we talk to a client, we have a conversation structure that follows a question logic, and these questions collect data. It is deep, technical, situational data that will feed the tool and generate a diagnosis. These three layers will intersect and generate intelligence through the use of machine learning,” explains Exact Sales co-founder and CEO Théo Orosco.

Founded by Orosco and Felipe Roman, Exact Sales gained market share by directing its platform to a stage in the business process that was previously underserved by technology tools: pre-sales. Most common in companies that offer high value products and services to other companies, pre-sales seek to filter potential B2B customers so that only those who are technically ready and at the right time to close a deal may advance in the business process.

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Today, according to Exact itself, its solutions are embraced by more than 2,000 companies of various sizes, including BASF, Philips and Thomson Reuters.

Orosco said that another acquisition should be announced in early 2020 and that other such operations should take place within the next 15 months, always focusing on improving the platform and making it smarter and able to make automated decisions. The second goal of the coming months will be, in parallel, to increase Exact’s sales force focusing on midsize companies.

It is also during these coming months that the company should prepare itself for an internationalization targeting Latin America and the United States. “As we already work with international players, such as SAP and Peixe Urbano, they ask us to internationalize the software. So, in the coming months, we should do this, but we will not prospect new foreign customers before the end of this round (of 15 months),” explains Orosco.