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Exclusivity of 4 major studios: Telecine's strategy to win the streaming war in Brazil

A traditional brand of cable TV, Telecine will not have its own productions, but it will be the first stop of major post-cinema releases

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Born from a joint venture between Globosat and four of Hollywood’s largest studios (FOX, MGM, Paramount and Universal) in the early 1990s, Telecine debuted in the streaming world in October this year. The brand that had already fallen into the taste of pay-TV viewers now wants to be known as an entertainment company that uses technology to distribute movies in a variety of ways, whether it be linear TV or streaming.

In a market today dominated by Netflix, but already starting to win big competitors like Disney + (which was launched in the US and Canada, but landing in Brazil in 2020) and Apple + (which debuted this month in the country), Telecine bets on a good curatorship and the exclusivity of great productions to stand out.

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The tagline of the new phase, by the way, is this: “your movie streaming”. In an interview with LABS, Telecine’s Director of Marketing Flavia Hecksher explained that Telecine is a movie hub that is intended to be the first display window for the creations of the four major partners studios.

The arrival of other players was expected, but Telecine is unique in its niche. We are a specialist brand in cinema, 100% dedicated to movies. We continue to put our consumer at the center of the business, offering them attractive plans and diverse content

Flavia Hecksher, Telecine’s Director of Marketing

The director did not comment on whether Disney’s purchase of Fox earlier this year and the release of Disney + changes anything in the exclusive deal.

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Asked if the brand would not split the spotlight also internally at Globo group, which has been investing heavily in Globoplay and a media tech strategy, Hecksher said she believes that the two proposals are complementary, not competing.

“We are co-producers of national cinema, and have partnerships with [the studios]. Therefore, we believe in complementarity. Telecine as a hub of cinema and Globoplay has series and other programs of the group. Moreover, we have a combo that gives a 20% discount for users that subscribe both services, “she said.

The interface does not evade much of what is available on the market. Telecine’s inspiration on Netflix is clear in this sense. The mission now is to implement new machine learning solutions to pursue a greater customization of the catalog of over 2,000 films–after all, the Telecine motto depends on that.

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The recreation of kept Telecine’s familiar strategy of identifying the different channels and strands of the network–now also available on streaming–by colors.

“The new brand reflects not only its reference in the world of cinema, but also its new business strategy. We are looking for brightly colored elements that represent this evolution and the moment of transformation of Telecine,” said Victor Seabra, creative creation manager. Communication & Branding Globosat.