The future of farming: how Brazilian agtechs can multiply and change the sector for good
Collection The future of farming in Latin America

Agtechs disrupt farming in Latin America

More efficiency. More sustainability. More inclusion.

Technology in agribusiness has the mission to drive a sector that is essential for human survival at the same time that ensures the preservation of natural resources – its very existence depends on it.

Startups are becoming providers of cheaper, more efficient, and accessible technologies for all stages of the long agribusiness chain (pre-farm, on-farm, and post-farm). This is especially true in post-pandemic times and in Latin America, one of the largest food-producing regions in the world.

In this LABS Collections, we talk to the people behind breakthrough ideas such as urban vertical farms, artificial intelligence in the selection of coffee beans, and livestock management combined with greenhouse gas reduction. Investors in the sector also shared their insights into how private capital drives the agribusiness revolution and what to expect next.