Collection Beyond Borders 2022/2023

Alternative payment methods take Latin America and Africa by storm

A unique combination of low credit card penetration, fast-paced digital commerce, and an increasingly digitalized and mobile-friendly population has raised alternative payment methods to another level in Latin America’s digital economy: they are expected to account for almost 40% of the region’s digital commerce payment volume in 2022.


The digital payments revolution impacts both the payments industry, creating a diverse, innovative, and more inclusive payments landscape, and the digital economy itself, providing millions of consumers with access to products and services from global players in verticals such as online retail, streaming, gaming, and Saas/Cloud, among others.


Beyond Borders 2022/2023, an annual study issued by EBANX, a Brazilian payments fintech with global operations, brings together fresh data and insightful analysis about this scenario and what we can expect from this market in the coming years.


This edition of Beyond Borders also dives for the first time into what is happening with digital payments and the digital economy in Africa, a region considered to be the world’s next digital frontier. This includes a lot of mobile money, a lot of appetite for innovation, and a process of digital and financial inclusion led by alternative payments.


Dive into this and other trends highlighted by Beyond Borders in this collection of articles from LABS. Enjoy reading!