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Collection Beyond Borders - Brazil Chapter

Latin America welcomes the instant era

With the digitization boom that the region has experienced in the last two years, instant payments will no longer be a trend but a must – in other words, if it takes too long, the customer won’t get on board.

The biggest star in this context in Latin America is PIX, Brazil’s instant payment system.

That’s what the new chapter of Beyond Borders, the annual study by EBANX, a fintech that processes payments for global companies in Latin America and owns LABS, shows.

“The last few years were focused on consumer acquisition and the very opening of the digital market; now, the focus will be on building loyalty and monetizing those customers,” said Juliana Etcheverry, director of strategic payment partnerships and market expansion in LatAm at EBANX.

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The Beyond Borders: from Brazil to Latin America, a payments guide for global businesses is issued by the Brazilian fintech company with global operations EBANX. To download the new Beyond Borders study (in Portuguese), click here.