Collection Brazilian Rocket Ships

Houston, we have… a super startup on the way

Among the 315 unicorns–startups valued at $ 1 billion or more—spread throughout the world, 16 of them have launched in Latin America since 2017. LABS has considered the data from the Brazilian Platform for Innovation (District), the Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), and CB Insights to provide an in-depth analysis of those stellar startups in the region.

In the series Brazilian Rocket Ships, we will kick off our analysis by focusing on current numbers and forecasts for the Latin American startup ecosystem—which is the theme of the first article in the series—in order to explore the strategies and plans of super startups in Brazil, a country that has the most mature market in the region.

These rockets are companies that have already breached the unicorn threshold, as well as enterprises that are on the verge of reaching the coveted status.