Open Banking Brazil
Collection Financial revolution in Latin America

From open banking to instant payment: what's going on in Latin America

Open banking, instant payments, e-wallets, the rise of the fintechs… Today Latin America is a kind of melting pot of innovation in the universe of banking and financial services.

As a developing region with millions of people still unbanked or underbanked, Latin America presents itself as a fertile ground for the exploration of new services and products. In the playing field: native digital players; traditional banks struggling to reinvent themselves; and even retail giants that draw on the strength of their brand and the capillarity of their operations to expand the portfolio beyond e-commerce.

This LABS Collections shows the ways in which the financial revolution happens in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru… In all cases reported, there is one constant idea: the promotion of financial inclusion through digital inclusion. You can’t talk about one thing without talking about the other. Enjoy your reading!