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After COVID-19, what will work and offices look like in Latin America?

If remote work was already gaining ground in light of the discussions and future trends, the Covid-19 pandemic propelled this process to a whole new level, even in regions such as Latin America, where the mass adoption of this model tends to be more irregular.

While big techs such as Google and Facebook, which extended their home office to June and July next year, respectively, and which also revealed that they should turn remote work into a permanent option for most of their employees, the future of work as well as the future of offices seems to lie on a hybrid model, in which flexibility is the new keyword.

To explore this future of work after COVID-19, LABS talked to experts and companies such as WeWork, Microsoft, KPMG, Co-Work Latam, Volvo, Cubo Itaú, Zoom, Google, Pingboard, and others. Enjoy reading!