Collection Latinas in tech

Female entrepreneurs swim against the tide

2020, a year that saw record investments in Latin America and new unicorns such as Loft, Creditas, and Kavak emerging. But although startups in the region raised $4.4 billion last year, according to data from Crunchbase, zero went to female-only founded startups.

With remote work and children at home, both data and perceptions point out in one direction: the pandemic has further accentuated the gender gap. To put the diversity and inclusion machine in motion, a series of gears are needed, and gradually, Latinas are managing to rise to more leadership positions, hiring more women, and attracting more investments.

To disclose what lies behind these numbers and understand what it is like to be a woman in the Latin American tech ecosystem, this Collection gathers stories with female investors, entrepreneurs and experts from organizations such as MAYA Capital, Redpoint eventures, BlackRocks Startup, Latinas In Tech, and Magma Partners; in addition to high execs from Creditas, Liv Up, Ualá, Intera, and Oyster Financial. Enjoy your reading!