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  • Against all odds: Female entrepreneurs

    January 2021

    In a year of record investments in Latin America, none of the $4.4 billion raised in 2020 went to female-only founded startups. Investors, founders, high executives, and entrepreneurs tell LABS what lies behind these numbers

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  • Remote work came suddenly and is here to stay

    September 2020

    The adoption of teleworking in Latin America will be uneven, following economic disparities, but here is no going back to the previous office life, particularly the service industry. We’ve talked to companies already experiencing such phenomenon, such as Microsoft, experts, and HR techs changing the way people are hired. Check out LABS Collections #6!

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  • Streaming giants battle for Latin America

    June 2020

    While global streaming wars heat up with new entrants on Latin American battlegrounds, the next 12 months will be key to define winners. In 2020, subscriptions to video streaming platforms would surpass those of pay-TV for the first time in the region. Netflix, Disney‘s Disney Plus, WarnerMedia‘s HBO, Amazon‘s Prime, and so many others… Who will be the winner? On LABS Collections #5, we bring you exclusive charts and numbers to help forecast this future.

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  • Streaming, the new frontier in gaming

    March 2020

    High-end games distributed free of charge, games for mobile phones, countless hours of live streaming of the moment’s hottest titles, and esports, competitions seen by millions of viewers and which distribute millionaire prizes, are taking the gaming industry to another level. In Brazil, particularly, there is still a lot of room for growth. Discover how in the next pages!

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  • The Low-Cost Revolution in Latin America’s Air Travel

    November 2019

    In this third issue of LABS Collections, we invite you to explore the plans of some low-cost stars, the airline companies that intend to reshape the Latin American air sector. Get on board and discover the plans of JetSmart, Sky, and Flybondi for the region!

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  • Houston, we have… a super startup on the way

    October 2019

    In this second issue of LABS Collections, we invite you to explore the strategies and plans of some true Brazilian Rocket Ships, the startups that have become the standard-bearers for the new investment boom in Latin America. Learn about the future plans of Conta Azul, CargoX, Creditas, Ascenty, and QuintoAndar.

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  • The drivers of real change

    September 2019

    Rappi, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Carrefour: What do these companies have in common? Meet Latin America’s trailblazers. That’s what you’ll discover in this very first issue of LABS Collections!

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