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Pluricultural, diverse and expansive, Latin America is home to not only 500 million people, but also to a wide number of new ventures. The digital transformation has been taking the region by storm, and these huge shifts are attracting the eyes of many players.

From market to culture, each and every LABS Collections edition unveils the idiosyncrasies of a region full of opportunities, but yet little understood. Enjoy reading!

LABS Collections #04

Streaming, the new frontier in gaming

High-end games distributed free of charge, games for mobile phones, countless hours of live streaming of the moment’s hottest titles, and esports, competitions seen by millions of viewers and which distribute millionaire prizes, are taking the gaming industry to another level. In Brazil, particularly, there is still a lot of room for growth. Discover how in the next pages!

LABS Collections #03

The Low-Cost Revolution in Latin America's Air Travel

In this third issue of LABS Collections, we invite you to explore the plans of some low-cost stars, the airline companies that intend to reshape the Latin American air sector. Get on board and discover the plans of JetSmart, Sky, and Flybondi for the region!

LABS Collections #02

Houston, we have… a super startup on the way

In this second issue of LABS Collections, we invite you to explore the strategies and plans of some true Brazilian Rocket Ships, the startups that have become the standard-bearers for the new investment boom in Latin America. They are a salient example of how great opportunities can emerge in the most adverse of environments.

LABS Collections #01

The drivers of real change

Rappi, UseGiraffe, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Carrefour: What do these companies have in common? Meet Latin America's Trailblazers, players that are taking the region to a whole new level. That's what you'll discover in this very first issue of LABS Collections!

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