AB InBev launches a new attempt of what could be the world's second-largest IPO

This will be the second attempt of an IPO focused on the Asian market

  • AB InBev will launch a new IPO on Wednesday geared to  Asian businesses in Hong Kong which might raise $ 6.6 billion
  • The company gave up an IPO in July that was estimated at $ 9.8 billion

In July, the world received the first announcement of AB InBev’s IPO, an announcement that brings with it the high expectations of possibly surpassing the world’s biggest IPO of the year, Uber. But optimism never lasts for too long. Just a few days after the official announcement, the company gave up on its goal of raising $ 9.8 billion by focusing on businesses in the Asia Pacific region, in Hong Kong. 

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However, the IPO’s plan was not forgotten, and now the company is ready to go through with its second attempt. According to Business Insider,  Asian businesses in Hong Kong remain the target, opening up the possibility of raising more than $ 6.6 billion, which would make it the second-biggest IPO of 2019, since Uber would stay in the lead. This total value may be reached due to a rare option to “upsize” that makes it possible to sell more than 40% of the shares, according to Business Insider. 

The new IPO will be launched tomorrow (Sep 18th), offering 1.3 billion shares. The main goal is to reduce their debt burden of over $100 billion, which the company acquired after the purchase of SABMiller in 2016. 

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