Ahead of Blim, Disney+ already has a 6% market share among streaming players in Mexico

Within two months, Disney+ has passed the regional paltform Blim and holds half of the market share held by HBO Go, says JustWatch

Image 1: Disney+ and HBO Max will vie to be users' second choice after Netflix at first. Photo: Shutterstock

Disney+, which officially launched in Mexico and across Latin America on November 17th, didn’t take long to reach an interesting market share of the Mexican subscription video-on-demand market, according to data from JustWatch.

In a market analysis performed to LABS, measuring the interest in SVOD services in Mexico during the last quarter of 2020, the international streaming guide disclosed that Disney+ already has 6% of market share in the country.

Within two months, the streaming platform has surpassed the regional platform Blim and already has half of the share held by longtime service HBO Go (12%).

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With over a third of the market share in Mexico, Netflix remains the streaming leader, followed by Amazon’s Prime Video trailing just behind. In late January, Reed Hastings‘s company announced a $ 300 million investment in more than 50 original productions in Mexico that it plans to release in its platform over this year.

While the launch of Disney+ had little effect on Netflix or Prime Video, it made a large impact on the category displayed as “Other” streaming services in the Mexican market.

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Unlike the behavior noticed in Brazil, where Disney+ reached the end of 2020’s fourth quarter in third place, in Mexico, the streaming platform still has some way ahead as competitors like Claro Video and HBO Go remain relevant when it comes market share development.

Disney+ is expected to announce its next quarterly results, for the fiscal first quarter of 2021, on February 11.

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