Air France will expand its presence in Brazil

The company will not only increase the passenger transport, but also its cargo shipments in the country

European airline Air France-KLM is ready to spread its wings in Brazil: the company has announced that, until the end of the year, will increase by 5% the number of seats for the passenger transport; while the cargo transport has already been raised by 18% this year in Latin America.

According to information from the Brazilian newspaper Valor, with the 5% rise, Air France-KLM will then offer 1.4 million seats for flights between Brazil and Europe, in journeys connecting São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Fortaleza to Amsterdam and Paris. Starting from December, weekly flights will increase from 42 to 45. 

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Among other efforts regarding the expansion in the country, the airline is also making some changes in its fleet to better accommodate its cargo transport, another bet of the company in Brazil. Enhance its digital platform for shipments is, likewise, one of Air France’s agendas, as the airline already has a specialized portal in the country, MyCargo, to online scheduling space in the airplanes and track the shipment, besides other features available.

“Worldwide, 23% of freight deliveries are already contracted by digital platform”, said Marcel de Nooijer, executive VP of the company during a visit to the Brazilian operation.

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