Airbnb director in Mexico bets in domestic tourism rebound in near future

After COVID-19 crisis, Airbnb is adapting to the need of travelers seeking nearby destinations

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  • Airbnb launched a process to comply with the new taxes on digital platforms in Mexico;
  • The company believes Mexicans will travel within the country amid recovery of the tourism.

In an interview with Forbes Mexico, Ángel Terral, general director of Airbnb for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean commented about the forecast of tourism rebound in Mexico: people will start to seek more nearby destinations for their trips, as Airbnb has been repeating about this new trend worldwide.

Talking about the recovery of the sector after COVID-19, Terral says it is possible to see early signs of consumer interest on traveling again. “I clearly see in the future an emphasis on what domestic tourism is. I think this is going to make Mexicans to venture further into their own country”, he said. “This is good news for national tourism, we are going to do everything so that the revival of tourism occurs in the best and fastest way possible”.

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Also, he said that Airbnb is adopting the fiscal novelties in the country: the VAT and the ISR applied on digital platforms, while it expects the reactivation of tourism in the region. Starting on July 1, Airbnb launched its process to fulfill its commitment as a digital platform with the new federal tax regulation in Mexico.

“Last year we collected more than MXN 200 million in lodging tax. As for the Federal Law, our vision was from day one to comply with the law, I tell you that we are working to comply with the implementation”, he said.

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