AliExpress and Nuvemshop partner up in Brazil: small merchants will have sales brokered by Ali

Through the partnership, dropshipping allows the retailer to offer items through AliExpress, and the product goes directly from the supplier to the final consumer

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  • AliExpress and Nuvemshop partnered up in Brazil for entrepreneurs to create an online store without having to invest in an inventory;
  • With the launch of the Dropi App, merchants have access to the dropshipping model, which connects the online store directly to AliExpress.

AliExpress (Alibaba’s international marketplace) and Argentine e-commerce solutions startup Nuvemshop teamed up to enable entrepreneurs in Brazil to build their online business by connecting with AliExpress to select international products for sale in Brazil.

According to AliExpress, the main advantage of this business for the retailer is that it will be able to generate revenue from e-commerce operations without having to decapitalize its money to invest in inventory. This connection between the two companies is possible through the Dropi app, developed by the company Empreender and launched on the Nuvemshop platform.

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According to Yan Di, AliExpress’s country manager in Brazil, the group expects to benefit more than 10 million SMEs worldwide by 2036. “Our goal is to serve more than 2 billion consumers worldwide and generate 100 million jobs directly linked to our e-commerce ecosystem, connecting people who want to sell something to others who need to buy anywhere in the world,” he said in a press statement.

In order to have access to this solution, the entrepreneur must create a virtual store at Nuvemshop. There, he will be able to link ecosystem applications already available on the platform, such as payment methods and the Dropi App. After integrating the latter, the shopkeeper will already be connected to the environment of the products sold by the Alibaba Group, where he will be able to select products from manufacturers and distributors around the world to sell in Brazil.

According to Luiz Natal, head of Platform Development at Nuvemshop, one of the biggest difficulties of those who want to operate in an e-commerce is having the capital to create their online store and invest in quantity, variety, and quality of the inventory. “We want, more and more, to allow anyone to realize their dream of having their own business. The entrepreneur manages to create his online store on our platform and has a free trial for a month. In that time, he can now install the Dropi App, select AliExpress products and start generating revenue. Thus, the entrepreneur will be able to invest more in marketing to generate flow to his virtual store and increase his sales,” he said.

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Dropshipping allows the shopkeeper to offer a wide variety of items without having to invest in an inventory. The seller chooses the product on AliExpress and imports it to its website. When this item is sold, automatically, the system triggers the supplier who sends it directly to the final consumer. Dropi is free for the first 30 orders.

The process takes place automatically and the consumer is not aware that the transaction was intermediated by AliExpress. This method means that shopkeepers do not need to manage inventory, and payment is only made to the supplier when, in effect, the consumer finalizes the order.

According to Bruno Brito, partner at Empreender, investing in online commerce requires new entrepreneurs to plan and carefully choose the product mix and logistical excellence.

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“The trend is that more and more entrepreneurs are betting on the dropshipping model, especially when they are in the initial phase of their business, due to the facilities and low cost. With this integration between Nuvemshop and AliExpress, the shopkeeper has relevant benefits, where he will only start to have costs with Nuvemshop, after the first free month, and also with Dropi, after the first 30 orders.”

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