AliExpress Brazil allows payments via PIX and opens the marketplace for Brazilian sellers

The Chinese e-commerce giant has released PIX for all Brazilian buyers and opened the marketplace for Brazilian merchants with free shipping

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AliExpress, the e-commerce platform of the Chinese group Alibaba, now allows payments via PIX (the Brazilian instant payment system) without fees. PIX had already been available to a restricted number of users in July, but is now accessible to any Brazilian buyer.

Because payment with PIX is instant and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, purchases can be confirmed at any time and product shipping will be faster, arriving at Brazilian airports in up to seven days on weekly chartered flights from China.

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According to the company, the adoption of PIX targets a part of the users that does not have a credit card or that, for other reasons, ended up choosing the bank slip (boleto in Portuguese) as a payment method. However, with boleto, the payment needs to be confirmed by the banks, an operation that can take up to three days.

In addition, the boleto increases the chances that the buyer will give up the purchase, however, once the boleto is issued, the seller needs to separate the product in stock with no guarantee that the payment will actually be made. Recently, Mercado Libre has also adopted PIX to try to tackle the dropout rate for boleto purchases.

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Brazilian retailers will be able to sell on AliExpress

AliExpress also announced the opening of its marketplace to Brazilian sellers – until now, the e-commerce platform only offered products sold in other countries. Shopkeepers will pay commissions between 5% and 8% of revenue to the platform.

To attract Brazilian sellers, AliExpress will offer free shipping nationwide for sales made by Brazilian merchants to consumers located in the country for purchases over $ 50.

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