AliExpress: Brazil will have international deliveries within 7 days

AliExpress has five charter flights of products per week to Brazil and plans to implement the sixth one soon to speed up international deliveries

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AliExpress, the global e-commerce platform of Chinese giant Alibaba Group, announced that the deadline for international deliveries to Brazil has gone from 12 to 7 days. Recently, other large e-commerces announced faster deliveries, such as Americanas Mundo, which promised delivery of international products in 11 days, and Mercado Libre, which announced the expansion of the same-day delivery service to other regions, intensifying the dispute for consumer attention.

According to AliExpress, the faster delivery will be possible thanks to the group’s logistics infrastructure: there are at least five charter flights of products per week to Brazil and there is a forecast of a sixth flight soon.

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Also, AliExpress adopted Big Data technology to identify purchases made by the same user in different stores and gather everything in a single package, instead of making multiple shipments. Once the purchase is completed, the user will be able to track the order from the shipment by the seller abroad until its arrival at the final delivery address.

However, the period of up to 7 days is for the arrival of the product in Brazil, that is, there is still the customs procedure. To speed up this process, AliExpress said it has implemented electronic packet checking methods.

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On the other hand, the transport of packages from the international airport to the delivery address is done by the Correios, which has an average period of 5 days to make the delivery to São Paulo city and metropolitan region; for other locations, this period is longer.

According to AliExpress, the plans are to speed up domestic delivery logistics also to other capitals and metropolitan regions.

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