Almost half of the small and medium-sized companies in Brazil bought remote work tools

According to 70% of team managements of SMEs in Brazil, their companies could function in their full potential completely remote

  • Regarding SMEs that didn’t buy new tools, 25% still intents to do it
  • Another 32% of the interviewed responded they didn’t adopt new tools either plan to do so.

Nearly a half (43%) of the small and medium-sized companies in Brazil bought software with remote work tools, according to a survey by Capterra, a platform for searching and comparing software from global consulting firm Gartner, reported Valor.

According to the survey, 25% of small businesses still plan to buy or install tools to face remote work policies because of the coronavirus pandemic and consequently social distancing measures. Another 32% responded that they didn’t adopt new tools neither plan to do so.

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The adoption of new tools was greater among the technology sector (53%), followed by food and hospitality (50%), financial services (46%), marketing (38%), and sales (37%). According to the survey, regarding the equipment used to work from home, 49% of the interviewed say they use personal items, 29% say they use the company’s equipment, and 22% combine both.

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The survey reveals that 55% of small business workers today at remote work didn’t usually work from home before the pandemic. On the other hand, 33% of those who now experience remote work say they would like to switch to a 100% remote regime, and another 54% say they intend to continue combining the modality with going to the office after the pandemic. For 70% of respondents in management positions, their companies could function to their full potential with a completely remote team.

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