Amazon Ads arrives in Brazil to compete with Google and local retailers

The marketing solution came as a new way to increase Amazon's share in the Brazilian market

Amazon Ads arrives in Brazil
Amazon Ads arrives in Brazil. Phtoto: ShutterStock

Amazon Prime arrived in Brazil in September, Alexa in October and now Amazon Ads is also launched in the country as part of all the efforts to increase the brand’s share in the Brazilian retail market, according to information from Neofeed

In the US, Amazon Ads already proved itself as a successful product achieving a $ 7,4 billion revenue in 2018 and the forecasts point out a jump to $ 16,7 billion until 2021 competing directly with Google and Facebook marketing solutions. 

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However, in Brazil Amazon Ads’ target isn’t only these giants from digital marketing but also the main players of the local retail market. The product came as a new solution to compete with well-established local ads solution from marketplaces such as B2WAds that increased by 106% last quarter, Mercado Livre’s ads program that already represents 5% of the total revenue amount, and Magazine Luiza’s ads service, but this company doesn’t share specific results from the product.

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