Amazon exceeds the market value of U$ 1 trillion

Amazon exceeds the market value of U$ 1 trillion
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  • Jeff Bezos’ company reached the mark of US$ 1 trillion yesterday (Jun 11)
  • Amazon’s market valuation is between Microsoft (US$ 1,06 trillion) and Apple US$ 1,06 billion

After reaching the US$ 1 trillion in market value for the first time in September, Amazon has done it again. It achieved the mark yesterday (Jun 11), when the stocks of the company increased by 0,09% just at the beginning of the day.

Even with a decrease in their value, Amazon’s stocks are being sold at US$ 2.006,63. It was the first time in 10 months that Jeff Bezos‘ company has reached the mark of U$ 1 trillion. According to the Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico, Petrobrás, the most valuable company in Ibovespa index, would have to grow 10 times in market value to attain the same value. 

With such an achievement, Amazon earned a spot between two giants. Microsoft still leads with a market value of US$ 1,06 trillion and Apple is at US$ 1,06 billion. 

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