Amazon, iFood and Wish gain ground among Brazilians' favorite apps

According to a new survey, the top five most used apps in Brazil are MercadoLibre, Americanas, iFood, Magalu and Wish


Amazon, iFood and Wish were the platforms that gained most positions in a ranking of Brazilian mobile consumers’ favorite apps, according to the new edition of Panorama Mobile Time / Opinion Box – Mobile commerce in Brazil, April 2020. The survey was first reported by Mobile Time, that held the research.

In this edition, 2,058 Brazilians who have access to the internet and have smartphones were interviewed. The interviews were conducted online between March 4 and 25. This survey is statistically valid with a margin of error of 2.2 percentage points and a confidence level of 95% and it has discovered that:

  1. In six months the proportion of Brazilian internet users with smartphones that have already made payments by approximation rose from 17% to 23%
  2. 54% of mobile consumers say they are “very satisfied” with their mobile commerce experience. Six months ago it was 48.3%.
  3. Amazon, iFood and Wish gained positions for the third consecutive edition in the ranking of the most used m-commerce apps in Brazil
  4. 35% of Brazilian internet users with smartphones have already made payments via QR Code.
  5. In one year, the proportion of Brazilian internet users with smartphones that have already ordered food delivery through apps has increased from 58% to 72%

Among the preferred payment methods in m-commerce, it is worth highlighting the growth of digital wallets, mentioned by 10% of mobile consumers – six months ago it was 8%. However, the majority of Brazilians pay for mobile purchases using credit cards (60%).

According to the survey, Brazilian delivery app iFood has been making steady progress. A year ago it was cited by 24% of mobile consumers as one of the three most used apps for shopping. It rose to 27% in September 2019 and is now at 29%. The online shopping app Wish is also growing step by step. It was mentioned by 11% at the first report, 12% at the second edition and now 13%, in the same chronological order. Amazon is growing gradually as well. A year ago it didn’t even appear on the list. In September 2019, it entered the 14th position, with 5%. And now it is in 10th place, with 7%.

The top five most used apps in Brazil remained: Mercado Libre, Americanas, iFood, Magazine Luiza and Wish. AliExpress and WhatsApp reversed declines registered in the previous edition, both rising from 6% to 9% of citations. The full report is available for download here.

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