Amazon opens its first Brazilian distribution center outside São Paulo state

The new Amazon's distribution center is focused on improving the sales rate in the northeast region

The new program Programe e Poupe from Amazon offers discounts. Photo: Shutterstock
  • In order to decrease the delivery time to Northeast consumers, Amazon had chosen the region to open its first distribution center outside São Paulo
  • The new center will start operating in 2020
  • The delivery time offered for Northeast major cities will be 2 days

A new day, a new Amazon‘s initiative to win the Brazilian market. As a strategy to win popularity among Brazilians outside the major cities of the country, Amazon will open in 2020 the first Brazilian distribution center outside São Paulo state. The chosen region was the northeast, where many retailers have logistics problems to decrease the delivery time, and the center will be located in the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho in Pernambuco state. 

The main goal with this center is to improve the quality of the service in the region and become more popular among the consumers of the region. As soon as the new center starts operating, Amazon expects to decrease the delivery time for the major Northeast cities and being able to offer 2 days delivery for those clients. 

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In a press release, Amazon’s President in Brazil, Alex Szapiro, said “we are happy to bring more convenience and contribute with the region’s economy. Today’s announcement represents the long-term commitment from Amazon to Brazil and manly with our clients in the whole country.” 

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