Amazon Prime reaches the biggest growth rate ever in Brazil

Worldwide, AWS was up 32% and became the biggest highlight of the company's Q4 results

Amazon's Q4 earnings
Amazon's Q4 earnings. Photo: ShutterStock

One more time, Amazon‘s earnings showed that Jeff Bezos has really built a solid empire. The tech giant reported its Q4 results and, exceeding the market expectations, the company reached a revenue of $ 87.4 billion. The growth in revenues of the company’s cloud service, AWS, was impressive, alongside with the rise in the number of Amazon Prime subscribers in Brazil.

Amazon’s cloud computing service saw its results rise by over 30% in the last three quarters.

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Since Amazon Prime‘s release in the country in September 2019, the number of paid subscribers has never grown as much as now in all the company’s history, which was one of the reasons that made Amazon started investing in other kinds of benefits for Brazilian consumers, such as new contents focused on this audience.

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Amazon Prime Video has announced a new original production about the Brazilian soccer team called “All or Nothing: Brazil National Football Team” and planned to be available to users in the next few days. 

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