Amazon responds for 40% of book sales in Brazil, says O Globo

People familiar with the publishing market in the country told O Globo that Amazon is already the biggest seller of books in Brazil

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Even with physical bookstores reopening amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis in Brazil, Amazon is responding for 40% of the book sales market in the country, according to O Globo.

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At the beginning of the year, the e-commerce giant became the largest seller in Brazil selling 30% of books, according to the O Globo’s Capital column. Now, the media outlet says it consolidates its position being the isolated leader in the sector, as people familiar to the publishing market told O Globo.

In the most acute period of the crisis, Amazon book sales in the country exceeded 60%, but at that time, bookstores were closed. The newspaper recalls that the e-commerce firm took only seven years to dominate the physical book market in the Brazil, where it started selling back in 2014.

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