Amazon: sellers in Brazil now can sell to other countries

Amazon has launched the option to export from Brazil to other countries for all sellers on the platform in Brazil

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Following a trend of marketplace hybridization, Amazon in Brazil announced that all sellers on the platform now can sell their products to other countries. According to the company, it is as if, through Amazon’s platform, Brazilian sellers can now go international with their business.

The Beyond Borders 2021/2022 study showed that marketplace hybridization is a trend in Latin America that affects both local players, such as Mercado Libre or Magazine Luiza, which now offer “international product shelves”, and global players with operations in the region, such as Amazon.

The option to export products was already available within the “International Sales” program, launched last October, for guest sellers, and is now available for all sellers.

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To participate, however, there are some criteria: the main one is that the products sold need to be in conformity with US requirements and certifications. This is because the goods exported by Brazilian sellers will leave Brazil for the United States and, from Amazon‘s logistics center in the country, will be shipped to the final destination.

But there are also different product listing requirements depending on the country to which the Brazilian seller wants to sell; in these cases, it is necessary to consult the guidelines on the webpages of each one.

According to Amazon, the company will offer support to sellers who want to export, with tools to sell and promote products (such as sponsored ads), infrastructure support for storage and delivery of products in other countries, and assistance in other stages of the sale.

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The costs to sell internationally on Amazon vary depending on the product category and the shipping method. There is, for example, a monthly fee of $39.99 to be able to sell with Amazon in Mexico, the United States, and Canada; this fee is charged as soon as there are active products on more than one site, for example: active products in Brazil and in the United States.

There are also commissions paid for each item sold that vary according to the product category and the logistics costs of storage and delivery.

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