Amazon and Alibaba could be interested in buying Correios, the Brazilian post office

Amazon and Aliexpress are interested in buying the Brazilian post office

The intent of the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, of privatizing the Brazilian post office is known for a while now. But if it was looking like just a far away idea until some weeks ago, could be closer than ever to get out of the paper after the nomination of a new president for the Correios last week.

Understand the whole story about the change of presidency in Correios:

While the ex-president didn’t agree with the privatization idea, the General Floriano Peixoto, the new president in charge of the Brazilian post office, is more opened to the possibility, and that’s what is keeping Amazon and Alibaba’s attention.

According to the Brazilian news site O Dia, the global giants are already studying the possibility to buy the Correios if it really happens someday. The main reason for the two companies is very simple: to improve logistics in Brazil.

Since the companies are not interested in the postal service offered by Correios, another possibility on the table is that they could buy it in a partnership with some national bank, according to O Dia.

The end of this story we cannot know for now, but an important new chapter for cross-border e-commerce in Brazil can be just about to begin.

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