Argentina's Finance Minister resigns and creates another hurdle for Macri's government

Hernán Lacunza, who was the Secretary of Economy of Buenos Aires, was offered the position of the new Finance Minister of the country

Nicolas Dujovne resigns as Argentina's Finance Minister
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  • Nicolás Dujovne resigned as Argentina’s Finance Minister on Saturday (Aug 17) 
  • During the official announcement, Dujovne admitted to making mistakes, but also stressed the achievements of his team

The Argentinian government is going through hard times after the release of results of the primaries elections, results that suggest the electoral victory of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner in October. Now, Macri has to deal with yet another obstacle in the race for the elections: the resignation of the Finance Minister, Nicolás Dujovne

The announcement of Dujovne’s resignation went public last Saturday (Aug 17), and in his official letter, released by the Argentinian newspaper La Nación, the ex-Finance Minister said that his team achieved good results concerning deficit management and reduction of public expenditure. But he didn’t deny that mistakes were also made.

The nominated for replacing Dujovne as Finance Minister Hernán Lacunza, who until then was the Secretary of Economy of Buenos Aires.

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