Argentine mobile game developer Etermax announces new office in Colombia

According to Paula Fernández, Director of Business Development in Latam, Colombia is a key market for competitive gaming

Paula Fernández, Latam Business Development Director at etermax. Photo: etermax/Courtesy
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  • The mobile gaming industry in Colombia has a revenue of $417 million;
  • There are 22 million Colombians (64% of the online population) who play games on computers, consoles, and mobile devices.

Argentine mobile gaming company etermax has expanded its presence in Latin America and opened an office in Colombia. The creator of games such as Trivia Crack now has a team in Bogotá that will work on offering services in the area of Brand Gamification. The operation seeks to help brands, advertisers, and agencies connect with the Colombian gamer audience.

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According to data from etermax, Newzoo, and Global Web Index, the mobile gaming industry in Colombia has a revenue of $417 million. There are 22 million Colombians (64% of the online population) who play games on computers, consoles, and mobile devices (90% on the Android operating system).

Source:  Newzoo, Global Web Index, etermax

Paula Fernández, Director of Business Development Latam at etermax, told LABS that Colombia is the fourth country by revenue in Latin America in the games industry. “Colombia is also sixth in the world in terms of mobile game growth. It is one of the key markets in Latin America for competitive gaming.”

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Therefore, etermax saw the country as an opportunity with a robust advertising industry with a strong digital component, according to Fernandez. “The country undoubtedly emerged as our next step in the region. We’ve already been working with many Colombian clients remotely, but now we can follow up with them more closely.”

The Colombia team will work locally. According to Fernández, the idea is to strengthen etermax’s relationship with local and regional brands based in Bogotá or Medellín. etermax already works with Amazon, Coca-Cola, Bimbo, Mondelez, McDonald’s, NatuMalta, Avon, Lafrancol, Davivienda, Andina, GSK, and Cusezar. “We hope to finish the year consolidated and with sound foundations to build a sustainable business in Colombia.”

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The director says there is still untapped potential for games in Colombia. “Many still believe that it is a niche hobby, only for children and teenagers, despite studies and trends showing otherwise. Others know that it is an important platform to communicate, but they have not yet finished figuring out what to do on it, beyond playing traditional formats in a new medium. Therefore, part of our mission is to break these stereotypes and invite Colombian brands to explore creative solutions that would not be possible on another platform.”

Data gathered by etermax with consultancies shows that most Colombian mobile gamers are men (51.3%) between the ages of 16 to 24 (32.2%). Colombia is the sixth market for etermax, which also operates in Argentina, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico.

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“Before the pandemic, we had already been working closely with our international teams and it is a pride to see how we continue to be connected 100% remotely without major complications. As we’ve always stated: technology is our biggest ally. For the time being, all of our operations will continue to be virtual,” she says.

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Colombia also has a strong presence in eSports. According to data collected by etermax, the Professional Video Game League, the largest in the country, has registered up to 2 million viewers in its competitions. Twitch data show that about 320,000 Colombians visit the streaming platform daily, which represents 1% of global users. According to Newzoo, Latin America has 476 million gamers.

The team’s growth is not only in Colombia: etermax has more than 80 job openings in Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, Mexico, and Germany for professionals in technology, marketing, human resources, and communications.

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Fernández does not disclose the amount that will be invested in Colombia, but he said that 2020 was a revolutionary year for the gaming industry. “Worldwide there was an acceleration in the growth of IT companies and etermax was no exception. More than 170 people joined our team, and our gaming division published 8 new titles, making us the No. 1 technology company in several mobile games launched in the year throughout the Americas and Spain. Also, our Brand Gamification division collaborated with over 230 brands in 16 countries to create those powerful connections with their consumers through gaming. We want to consolidate this growth in the region and we are convinced that Colombia is a country with great potential.”

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