As from February 1st, Uber is leaving Colombia

After six years in the country, a decision from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce will obligate Uber to stop operating in the country

Due to a decision issued on December 20th by SIC – the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in Colombia –  the ride-hailing platform Uber will drop its operations in Colombia as early as February 1st, according to information from the company itself and provided by the news media outlet Portafolio

“Uber respects the law and the decisions issued by the authorities. However, decisions such as this one, also reflect the absence of a regulation regarding the collaborative mobility service through technological platforms in Colombia,” stated the company.

Affecting 2 million users and 88 thousand drivers registered in the platform, Uber is officially appealing the decision. However, the company has already declared in its Twitter account that is really leaving the Latin American country.

Uber Colombia posted in its Twitter account about the finish of operations in the Latin American country. Image: Twitter

Since 2014 in Colombia, Uber will stop to offer its ride-hailing platform in the country, but other services like Uber Eats won’t be affected and remains in operation. “Uber was the first company to offer the country an innovative and reliable mobility alternative. Now, six years later, Colombia is the first country in the continent to close the doors to technology,” Uber concluded according to the press release.

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