B2B Stack, a search and comparison software startup, raises BRL 2 million in a round led by former Google executives

Seed9, SaaSholic, and BossaNova are among the participants in the investment, in addition to other angel investors.

Eduardo Muller, CEO of B2B Stack.
Eduardo Muller, CEO of B2B Stack.Photo: Courtesy
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Aiming to lead the Latin American market when it comes to search and comparison between software, Brazilian startup B2B Stack has just received a round of BRL 2 million, led by former global executives from Google. Funds such as Seed9, SaaSholic, and BossaNova also participated in the contribution, as well as more than 30 angel investors, including Zach George, managing partner of Launch Africa, and Chris Guzowski, founding partner of Polipo Ventures.

“The B2B Stack caught our attention for having an accelerated growth of users and customers, which led it to become a market leader. Latin America is undergoing a digital transformation, revolutionizing how companies operate and, consequently, the way they buy software. Against this backdrop, we were very impressed with what the B2B Stack team has already built and their vision for the future,” explained Maciej Szczepaniak, partner at Seed9 and the former global product lead at Google and YouTube, in a press release.

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Founded in 2018, B2B Stack says it already has more than 1 million B2B software buyers browsing its portal monthly, searching for solutions to digitize their companies. Throughout 2021, more than 5 million would have chosen and purchased software, among the thousands of offers present on the platform, through the startup.

The new funding comes to make using the platform even more user-friendly and transparent. For this reason, the money will be used to expand the technology and product teams, with the aim of improving the platform’s machine learning algorithm so that it recognizes, faster and more accurately, which software best fits each user’s desire.

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“The experience of buying software has always been painful for us. This process involves learning about the right kind of software, asking for opinions on the experiences of colleagues who have used a product, going through many demonstrations with salespeople, and even taking the risk of making the wrong purchase decision. That’s why we created a platform, now widely used by B2B professionals, where people can find, compare and evaluate software through verified user reviews and high value-added content. This helps professionals from different industries buy software better, reducing risks and costs”, said Eduardo Muller, CEO of B2B Stack.

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