Brazil and Other Latin American Countries In the Sights of Xiaomi

Xiaomi, Chinese electronic giant announced last Tuesday, 21, its official return to the Brazilian market. As part of the international expansion plans of the company, the news include a physical store in São Paulo, to be opened in June 1st, along with its own e-commerce to sell products in the country that go, besides their popular smartphones, from scooters to electric toothbrushes. Smartphones will also be available for consumers to buy through authorized distributors, including some large department stores.

In addition to the partnership with DL Eletrônicos – Brazilian company from Minas Gerais that will take care of the whole import and logistics operation – Xiaomi also announced the launch of 5 new smartphones for Brazil and an expansion regarding more big stores selling the company’s products across the country.

Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru – and now Brazil: the recent openings in Latin American capitals show a clear path that the Chinese tech giant is following: a global strategy that bets on the region as a key market for expansion. It seems that is Latin America’s time for some big players on the market.

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