Brazil-based fintech Hash creates a "universe" in new brand positioning to optimize communication

The rebranding aims to strengthen the company's culture and clarify the business model for potential new clients

Photo: Hash/Courtesy
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Brazil‘s fintech Hash announced on Monday its new brand positioning. The “Hashverse”, Hash’s universe, was an idea to optimize the company’s internal and external communication.

The new language ranges from content for social networks, to sales materials and the relaunch of the Institutional Site and the Hash channel on YouTube.

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Hash’s ecosystem represented in the “Hashverse”. Photo: Courtesy/Hash

With a white-label product, Hash allows any company to become a fintech, that is, to offer financial services.

João Miranda, founder and CEO at Hash, said that with the $15 million funding received in April, some of the money will go towards scaling the product.

“For this, we need fine-tuned, simple and objective communication to all our audiences, be they clients, prospects, investors, press and even future employees. We are growing and optimizing our communication is a natural evolution,” he told LABS.

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Today, Hash has seven clients in operation, some operating in pilot phase and others in expansion phase. The fintech‘s goal is to close the year with 15 clients.

“Clearly communicating our business model and internal culture are the main objectives of this rebranding. We operate in a very specific market, as a solution for B2B companies, so properly communicating our way of operating is essential. We offer a complete infrastructure of financial services for businesses and we know how necessary it is that our clients and potential clients clearly understand how our platform works and what benefits they can get through it,” said Miranda.

According to Oli, how the product works is tied to how employees relate internally. “Therefore, we chose to unify the communication for all our audiences, using visual resources and presenting ourselves as a complex and complete universe (Hashverse), capable of offering the best financial solutions,” he explains.

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The rebranding launch also counts on a special action: the entire narrative will be told through videos inserted in Amazon’s Alexas, which were sent to all Hash employees and also to partners and clients.

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