Brazil has 219 travel techs, according to Loureiro Consultores' sector survey

The report estimates that tourism startups in Brazil should move more than BRL 35 billion in 2022

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Brazil‘s consultancy Loureiro Consultores, in partnership with the corporate travel startup Onfly, published a survey mapping the Brazilian travel techs. The study counted 219 companies.

The survey considered “travel techs” as tourism, events, hospitality, mobility, expenses, and/or corporate travel companies that were born through a system or software in Brazil. The research started on March 22, 2021, and ended two months later.

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The report estimates that these companies should move more than BRL 35 billion in 2022. An optimistic forecast of rebounding, since with the coronavirus crisis, operators of the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators (BRAZTOA) had revenues of BRL 4 billion in 2020, compared to BRL 15.1 billion in 2019, according to data released in the association’s Yearbook 2021.

Loureiro Consultores’ study classified Brazilian travel techs into seven categories: Online Agency and Booking (63 companies), Corporate Expenses (15), Events (26), Experiences (12), Accommodation (27), Mobility (49), and Technology for Other Companies (17).

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According to Onfly co-founder, and CEO Marcelo Linhares, all 219 companies mapped provide solutions in tourism and mobility, categories that are increasingly coming together. “Although historically they are considered different segments, when we look at the traveler’s journey these verticals intersect and overlap all the time, becoming almost inseparable,” he said.

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