Brazil is a strategic market for the Huawei to keep growing, said the director of the company

After all the tension with the US government, the company wants to grow in an independent way

Huawei have plans to grow in an independent way
  • The US government gave a step back in the restrictions to Huawei but doesn’t make clear if they will get the name of the company out of from the blacklist
  • Huawei is focused on finding new ways to grow in an independent way and survive as a big player in the global market
  • Brazil is strategic for the company for being the largest smartphone market in Latin America

On Saturday, the US president, Donald Trump, gave a step back on the restrictions for Huawei and said that American companies are free to sell their products to the Chinese again. In an interview for Valor Econômico, the marketing director of the company for Brazil, Arina Tian, comment that “if the US government really did what they are saying, we will see it in a positive way for sure“. 

But it doesn’t clarify if the US will get the name of the company out of from the blacklist that prohibits negotiations with American companies, which were one of the biggest concerns of the company. “We are not so worried about the operating system, which is opened, as we are about the app’s that are very used outside China“, said Tian for Valor. 

In a way or another, Huawei has news plans and the key to the success of the next steps of the company is finding ways to grow in an independent way. According to Arina Tian in an interview for Valor, “the most important is that we trust in ourselves and that we are capable to see where are our abilities. Being good enough to keep growing in an independent way is the most important. To grow in a fast way and be big enough to survive. This is our focus right now: move on“. 

And to make it a reality, Ariana pointed out that Brazil is a strategic market for the company, not only because Brazil is the major economy of Latin America but also because it is the biggest smartphone market in the region. Since 2009, Huawei invested USD 600 million in 5G and after a meeting with high-executives from Huawei during travel from China, the Brazilian vice president, General Hamilton Mourão, said that Brazil would keep the company among the providers of the 5G network. 

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