Brazil Week, retail's new commercial date, boosts sales in September

According to a survey from Cielo, the sales were pushed mainly by e-commerce transactions

retail date brazil week boost sales in september
Foto: Reprodução. José Cruz/Agência Brasil
  • Brazil Week, the Brazilian version of Black Friday, took place from September 6th to the 15th;
  • The new commercial date was an initiative by the Federal Government to stimulate consumption during one of the months with the weakest sales in Brazilian retail. 

With more than 4.5 thousand companies and participating entities, Brazil Week, a new promotional date added to the Brazilian retail calendar, has pushed sales in the first half of September, according to a survey conducted by the payments operator company Cielo. Information is from the news agency Reuters.

From the 6th to the 15th of this month, e-commerce players and physical stores offered special discounts and benefits to consumers in order to boost sales during a month with fewer transactions for the retail sector. In the span of 9 days, the duration of the sales event, revenues were 7.9% higher than the average of comparable periods, considering the same weekday composition of the last months. The leading role in this expressive growth was played by e-commerce sales, which increased by 18.5%.

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When comparing results with the same period of 2018, the growth reached was of 11.3%. By category, beauty products had the best performance, which rose to 19.8%; followed by home appliances, furniture, and department stores, that together achieved a 12.6% growth.

“It was the first promotional campaign on this date and we will have to wait for further information to see if there was an anticipated purchase, which could possibly have some impact on Black Friday,” said Gabriel Mariotto, intelligence director of Cielo. But for him, the results already point to a positive response from consumers, regarding the new promotional sales event.

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