Brazil Week, the Brazilian Black Friday, is the new shopping date in the country

Lojas Americanas and Via Varejo are some of the big players joining the new event

brazil week, the brazilian black friday
  • Brazil Week, the Brazilian Black Friday begins on Friday, September 6th, with close to 4.5 thousand participating companies;
  • The new commercial date is an initiative by the Federal Government to stimulate consumption during one of the months with weakest sales in Brazilian retail;
  • For e-commerce players, the official Black Friday continues being the most important date.

Brazil Week, which takes place starting on Friday (6th) and continues until September 15th, is the new date to be incorporated to the Brazilian retail calendar. With more than 4.5 thousand companies and participating entities, according to the official press release by the Federal Government, the initiative was devised by the Special Secretary of Social Communication (Secom).

With the objective of stimulating retail commerce in a month with few transactions in the sector, the Brazil Week campaign was officially launched last Tuesday (3rd), in a ceremony in the Planalto Palace. The new date, which will take place during the week of September 7th, Independence Day in Brazil, has the aim of binding “patriotism and economic promotion.”

Among the participating companies, big players such as Via Varejo, Magazine Luiza, Lojas Americanas, Mobly, Fast Shop, and Grupo Pão de Açúcar announced discounts and special promotions for the date. In the service sector, airline companies such as Gol and Latam; and operators such as Vivo and Tim also joined the initiative.

Victor Noda, CEO of furniture and decoration e-commerce Mobly, told LABS that the expectations of the company for the new campaign are high. “In the past, we already had good results in similar initiatives, like Consumers’ Day. We have prepared many exclusive sales offers for this week, in partnership with our providers, to guarantee that we have attractive sales for clients. We hope to sell at least 50% more this week in comparison with a normal week,” explained the executive.

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Yet for Mobly, Brazil Week will not exceed the relevance of another date in retail: Black Friday, which takes place in November. “Black Friday is, without a doubt, the most important commercial date for Mobly. We have challenging sales goals, and we start preparing months before,” concludes Noda.

The popular commercial date from the US has been consolidating in Brazilian retail, especially due to the sales and discounts of electronic products. But this year, revenues during Black Friday should suffer a contraction in comparison with the last few years. According to a survey prepared by the consulting firm GFK and disclosed by media outlet Época Negócios, the estimate is that in 2019 revenues grow 4%, moving BRL 13.5 billion. In 2018, purchases in the period reached a growth of 9%.

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